Teaching English in Incheon

Teaching English in Incheon

Opportunities for teaching English in Incheon are continuing to flourish such as at Incheon English Village.

Incheon Metropolitan City English Village is recruiting new students for the fall semester and is holding a program briefing session for the KITE Elementary School (hereinafter referred to as KITE) and the ECO Kids Kindergarten Division (hereinafter referred to as ECO).

KITE and ECO are immersive English experience programs that break away from the existing infusion-type memorization of English education and offer complete English learning while having fun with native English teachers.

An English Village official explained, “Both programs have been evaluated to instill confidence in English conversation and help form a global mindset through experiential learning and interaction with native English teachers, recording high re-enrollment rates for the fifth consecutive year.”

‘KITE Elementary School’ aims to improve overall English ability through a learning method that overcomes a student’s objection to studying English and inspires students to enjoy learning the language.

‘ECO Kids Kindergarten’ is a program that safely develops basic English skills for children from 5 to 7 years old under the delicate care of native English teachers and Korean teachers in an environment like an international English kindergarten. It consists of a curriculum that can feel both fun and beneficial at the same time.

Incheon Metropolitan City English Village is an English education institution that has been operating various English education programs for the past 16 years with Incheon City Hall since its opening in 2006.

Meanwhile, you can inquire on the official website of Incheon Metropolitan City English Village or through the representative number for more information on participating in KITE and ECO briefing sessions.

Looking for exciting work such as teaching English in Incheon or one of Korea’s other dynamic cities? Send us a message or apply today!

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