Teaching English in Sejong

Teaching English in Sejong

Summer programs for teaching English in Sejong are operating successfully and are getting great feedback from students.

The Sejong City Office of Education’s International Education Exchange Center is successfully operating the ‘Summer Vacation English Camp’ for 112 elementary and middle school students in Sejong City from July 25 to August 5.

Under the theme of ‘Discovering Mental & Physical Well-being’ for elementary school and ‘Welcome to the Sea World’ for secondary school, camps are operated with a focus on physical health and the global environment, one of the sustainable development goals set by the UN.

On the last day of the camp, hands-on experience and practice through field trips will enhance the educational effect.

To operate the camp, native English-speaking teachers and Korean English teachers working for the Office of Education developed teaching materials and planned the camp.

Meanwhile, in order to prevent the recent spread of Covid, the center is planning to strictly observe quarantine guidelines such as social distancing in classrooms.

Eunsoo Ko, a student at Hansol Middle School, said, “During vacations, we can experience regular life through the camp, and we are happy to learn not only English but also what we need to do for the planet.”

Kim Seong-mi, head of the Secondary Education Division, said, “I hope that our youth will develop an interest and confidence in English through the camp, and I hope that they will grow into global citizens through interest and practice in the recent serious natural disasters caused by global warming.”

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