Teaching English in Andong

Teaching English in Andong through English Camps

More programs continue to be rolled out for teaching English in Andong.

Andong’s youth after-school academy, operated by the Youth Training Center of Andong City Facility Management Corporation in Gyeongsangbuk-do, is operating a summer English camp for 4 days from July 25 to 28 in connection with the Andong University Language School.

This kind of program is being conducted twice a year, once each in summer and winter, in line with the signing of a business agreement between Andong City and Andong National University in 2007.

All classes are conducted in English with native-speaking instructors so that students can improve their English proficiency from basic to a professional level, and various forms of curriculum are being carried out to increase students’ interest in English.

An official of the youth after-school academy said, “This English camp will not only inspire students to become familiar with and develop an interest in English, but also to become interested in foreign cultures as a whole and to lay the foundation for more advanced English learning, which will be well-received by parents, I feel.”

Andong’s Youth After-School Academy plans to provide more diverse English-related programs to young citizens through a range of regional projects in the future.

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