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Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Another successful camp involving teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul comes to a successful end. Sahmyook University and Seoul’s district of Nowon-gu, operated together on an academia-government cooperation project and successfully completed the ‘Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ on August 14th. The camp is held twice each year during summer and winter vacations to provide […]

Teaching English in Cheongju at Chungbuk International Education Center

Chungbuk International Education Center continues to foster programs for teaching English in Cheongju in Korea. Chungbuk International Education Center announced on August 20th that it would recruit participants for its ‘English/Chinese curriculum with native-speaking teachers’ program. The curriculum involves ‘Themed World Culture Tour’, ‘English Picture Bookstore’, and ‘Chinese Intensive Class’ for 93 elementary and secondary […]

Teaching English in Gyeongbuk Province English Camps

A summer full of successful camps for teaching English in Gyeongbuk Province has come to an end! The Gyeongbuk Office of Education successfully completed the ‘Happy English School’, which was held for a total of 450 elementary school students at Dongguk University’s WISE campus, Andong University, and Gumi University during two weeks of summer vacation. […]

Teaching English in Chungcheongbuk-do

Programs for teaching English in Chungcheongbuk-do are being further innovated through film-focused English camps. Yeongdong’s Shimcheon Elementary School (Principal Changseok Kang) held an English camp with native-speaking English teachers for 14 students in grades 3 to 6 on August 5th and received a very positive response. Shimcheon Elementary School operated an English camp to substantiate […]

Teaching English in Sejong

Summer programs for teaching English in Sejong are operating successfully and are getting great feedback from students. The Sejong City Office of Education’s International Education Exchange Center is successfully operating the ‘Summer Vacation English Camp’ for 112 elementary and middle school students in Sejong City from July 25 to August 5. Under the theme of […]

Teaching English in Andong through English Camps

More programs continue to be rolled out for teaching English in Andong. Andong’s youth after-school academy, operated by the Youth Training Center of Andong City Facility Management Corporation in Gyeongsangbuk-do, is operating a summer English camp for 4 days from July 25 to 28 in connection with the Andong University Language School. This kind of […]

Teaching English in Jecheon

Programs for teaching English in Jecheon in Korea continue to be innovated by Jecheon Office of Education. On Monday, July 18, the Jecheon Office of Education held the opening ceremony of the ‘Jecheon Office of Education Global Village School English Career Experience Camp’ for elementary and middle school students, to be held for two weeks […]

Teaching English in Incheon

Opportunities for teaching English in Incheon are continuing to flourish such as at Incheon English Village. Incheon Metropolitan City English Village is recruiting new students for the fall semester and is holding a program briefing session for the KITE Elementary School (hereinafter referred to as KITE) and the ECO Kids Kindergarten Division (hereinafter referred to […]

Teaching English in Korea Through the Metaverse

The Gyeongbuk government of Korea is now utilizing the metaverse for teaching English in Korea. The ‘Metaverse English Class with Native Speakers‘, run by the Gyeongbuk Office of Education from July 18th to the 29th during summer vacation, is gaining popularity among students. According to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education on the 5th, ‘Metaverse English […]

Teaching English in Gangwon-do counties

Hwacheon County has been among the most active counties facilitating teaching English in Gangwon-do. The county has particularly been a major help in the high-quality foreign language learning of rural school students through a project to place native English language assistant teachers in the county. On June 29th, four students from Wonwon Elementary School in […]