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Ski resorts in Korea

Ski resorts in Korea There are plenty of ski resorts in Korea to quench the thirst–at least temporarily–of those who love winter sports. Skiing in Korea is the perfect un-intimidating environment to “get your ski on.” The first snow already hit Korea, so it’s  time to take out the ski gear and to get ready for Winter! […]

Facebook Groups in Korea

Teachers, Expats, Foreigners and Tourists. Find them on Facebook in YOUR area… One of the best parts about living and working in South Korea is the long lasting friendships you make with other expats. Sometimes it can be hard to know where to find people – especially if you’re in an area that has less […]

English Magazines in Korea

Various Free local English magazines in Korea. These English magazines in Korea, provide information on the following topics: – Things to do, Korea’s Treasures (Places to go), Events, Comprehensive Guides, Interviews and so much more!!   Groove Korea  More expats turn to Groove Korea than any other publication in the country for our news analysis and extensive […]

Travel in China

Travel in China China is one of the most historically rich countries in the modern world. Here are some of the places you’ll definitely want to add to your list of places to visit on the weekends! Who wouldn’t want to travel in China?? Zhangye Danxia This piece of landscape really exists!  It took 24 million […]

Weird facts about North Korea

15 Weird Facts about North Korea 1. Kim Jong-Il was so afraid of flying that he would travel in 6 custom-made armor trains, built just for him. 2. Kim Jong-Un’s basketball hero was Michael Jordan. 3. Most traffic control is performed by female traffic directors (reportedly handpicked by Kim Jong-Il for their beauty). Traffic lights are switched […]

Hagwon vs Public School

Hagwon vs Public School So, you’ve decided that you want to teach English in Korea. Now you need to decide: hagwon vs public school? We will try to help you by providing the details you need to make an informed decision.   Hagwon:  Several foreigners will be working with you Typical working hours are afternoons through the […]

Advantages and disadvantages of teaching abroad

Looking to move abroad soon? Living and working overseas as an English teacher will be challenging. One thing you can always count on: we will provide you with honest and upfront information so that you can make well-informed decisions.  Find below the advantages and disadvantages of teaching abroad (specifically in China and Korea): Advantages (Pro’s): East Asia […]

Life in the countryside

Live in the countryside: Eumseong This is a town with no Lotte Mart or E-mart, no subways or shopping mall, and definitely no Dunkin’ Donuts.  It was rare to see a new foreigner, and there wasn’t the same “bustling nightlife” as you find in bigger Korean cities. Live in the countryside was a little bit […]

The Best Amusement parks in Korea

The Best Amusement parks in Korea There are several large Amusement parks in Asia and each of them, provide us with a lot of entertainment. Here follows the best amusement parks in Korea: Everland The Scoop: Everland is the first family park in Korea, and holds over 40 exciting rides and attractions. Along with the thrilling amusement […]


Gwanghwamun: a Landmark and symbol of Seoul’s long history Gwanghwamun is one of our favorite spots in Seoul because it provides great mountain views, people watching and long stretches of walking. It is central to so many spots (the Palaces, Insadong, Cheonggyecheon Stream, CineCube (our favorite indie movie theatre in Seoul) & Line 5 (purple). A bunch […]