English teaching in Jeollanam-do

English Teaching in Jeollanam-do County Flourishes

English Teaching in Jeollanam-do county, Jangseong-gun, is being greatly expanded through educational support to foster future talents.

The Jangseong Association announced that it held its first board of directors meeting this year in the situation room on the second floor of the Jangseong-gun Office on April 29th.

At this board meeting, this year’s agenda included the Jangseong Association scholarship student selection plan, education expense support project plan change, basic property increase and related articles of incorporation amendment, revenue and appropriation budget change bill, review of last year’s Jang Growth Society business settlement plan, and the appointment of executives according to the expiration of the executive term.

According to a new resolution, this year, the Jangseong Association will select 180 scholarship students, 30 more than last year. The total scholarship was also decided to increase by 34.7 million won to 190.5 million won.

With a budget of 2.5 billion won for educational expenses, after-school learning, support for the hiring and operation of native English teachers in Korea and the construction of a creative convergence education center are underway.

The ‘overseas training support project’ for second graders in middle school, which was difficult to implement due to Coronavirus, will be changed to the ‘domestic history and culture tour project’ proposed by the Jangseong Educational Development Council, and extended support to the second and third graders of middle school.

The Jangseong Foreign Language Experience Center, which had been operating only on weekdays, decided to add a Saturday program for elementary school 5th and 6th graders to test it once a month, with the association planning to review additional support according to the level of response in the future.

An official from the Jangseong Association said, “Thanks to the interest and affection of the citizens, the Jangseong Association, which started with 160 million won, was able to grow to the scale it is today.”

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