Teaching English in Nowon-gu

Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Another successful camp involving teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul comes to a successful end.

Sahmyook University and Seoul’s district of Nowon-gu, operated together on an academia-government cooperation project and successfully completed the ‘Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ on August 14th.

The camp is held twice each year during summer and winter vacations to provide students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school living in Seoul’s Nowon-gu with opportunities to experience everyday English and to develop their interest and confidence in English.

This summer camp was divided into 1st and 2nd rounds. The first round was from July 24th to the 31st and the second from August 7th to the 14th, with a total of 300 students completing them.

The camp was operated as an EOZ (English Only Zone) where Korean students live only in English 24 hours a day as a boarding-type program. For effective educational operation, 8 classes of 20 students each were organized through a level test, and in each class, one native English teacher and one associate teacher with professional qualifications and experience were in charge of teaching.

Jong-Hwa Jeong, director of the Sahmyook University Lifelong Education Center, who oversaw the camp, said, “As the camp was suspended due to COVID-19 and resumed after two years, the interest and participation of students and parents were high. We will continue the legacy of this distinghuished education program.”

Oh Seung-rok, Mayor of Nowon-gu, said, “I am so proud to see children singing in English with courage after completing their activities for a week.”

Interested in teaching English in Nowon-gu or another one of Seoul’s districts? Leave us a message or apply today!

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