Teaching English in Nowon-gu

Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Another successful camp involving teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul comes to a successful end.

Sahmyook University and Seoul’s district of Nowon-gu, operated together on an academia-government cooperation project and successfully completed the ‘Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ on August 14th.

The camp is held twice each year during summer and winter vacations to provide students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school living in Seoul’s Nowon-gu with opportunities to experience everyday English and to develop their interest and confidence in English.

This summer camp was divided into 1st and 2nd rounds. The first round was from July 24th to the 31st and the second from August 7th to the 14th, with a total of 300 students completing them.

The camp was operated as an EOZ (English Only Zone) where Korean students live only in English 24 hours a day as a boarding-type program. For effective educational operation, 8 classes of 20 students each were organized through a level test, and in each class, one native English teacher and one associate teacher with professional qualifications and experience were in charge of teaching.

Jong-Hwa Jeong, director of the Sahmyook University Lifelong Education Center, who oversaw the camp, said, “As the camp was suspended due to COVID-19 and resumed after two years, the interest and participation of students and parents were high. We will continue the legacy of this distinghuished education program.”

Oh Seung-rok, Mayor of Nowon-gu, said, “I am so proud to see children singing in English with courage after completing their activities for a week.”

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Teaching English in Cheongju

Teaching English in Cheongju at Chungbuk International Education Center

Chungbuk International Education Center continues to foster programs for teaching English in Cheongju in Korea.

Chungbuk International Education Center announced on August 20th that it would recruit participants for its ‘English/Chinese curriculum with native-speaking teachers’ program.

The curriculum involves ‘Themed World Culture Tour’, ‘English Picture Bookstore’, and ‘Chinese Intensive Class’ for 93 elementary and secondary students in Cheongju.

The ‘Themed World Cultural Tour’, which runs from the 5th of next month to the 6th of October (Mondays and Thursdays from 4:00 to 5:30 pm), is where students choose one of seven English-speaking countries for reading, crafts, and games. In addition, Korean students learn about culture and history in a variety of ways, including cooking, cooking, and sporting activities.

The English picture bookstore is designed to facilitate teaching English in Korea and will be open from the 13th of next month to the 7th of October (Tuesdays and Fridays from 4pm to 5:30pm). Students choose one out of three classes for each level, and develop their vocabulary and creativity through reading English children’s books and related post-reading activities.

The intensive Chinese class is held every Wednesday from the 31st to the 23rd of November for students who have completed basic Chinese learning.

Classes are taught by native-speaking teachers who can communicate in Korean, and students learn intensive Chinese conversation and Chinese culture.

An official from the International Education Center said, “We will support students to grow into future talents with global capabilities through various methods of multilingual and cultural education.”

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Teaching English in Chungcheongbuk-do

Teaching English in Chungcheongbuk-do

Programs for teaching English in Chungcheongbuk-do are being further innovated through film-focused English camps.

Yeongdong’s Shimcheon Elementary School (Principal Changseok Kang) held an English camp with native-speaking English teachers for 14 students in grades 3 to 6 on August 5th and received a very positive response.

Shimcheon Elementary School operated an English camp to substantiate public English education by providing an opportunity to develop an interest in English learning by conducting an intensive English program centered on play and experience with native-speaking teachers during vacation.

This camp ended with a movie trailer, △ learning the vocabulary of movie genres, △ introducing movie posters and slogans, △ crafting activities to make Cardboard VR, and △ in the last session, telling a Harry Potter scene with a team game.

Da-seul Jeong (6 years) said, “Learning English through movies made it easier to learn, interesting, and the English camp was interesting.”

Teacher Hyun-sook Lee, who is in charge of English education, said, “The basic and essential learning ability of English was nurtured in kids, and it was an opportunity to increase self-directed learning ability by reinforcing learning motivation.”

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Teaching English in Korea through the Metaverse

Teaching English in Korea Through the Metaverse

The Gyeongbuk government of Korea is now utilizing the metaverse for teaching English in Korea.

The ‘Metaverse English Class with Native Speakers‘, run by the Gyeongbuk Office of Education from July 18th to the 29th during summer vacation, is gaining popularity among students.

According to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education on the 5th, ‘Metaverse English Class’ is a new project of the Gyeongbuk Office of Education this year, and is operated for students in grades 4-5 and middle school students.

It will be held real-time in a metaverse space from 7:00 pm to 7:35 pm and 7:45 pm to 8:20 pm for two weeks.

The project promotion team, made up of 22 teachers, developed the metaverse space construction and curriculum from April to June, and the program is currently in its final stage.

Classes are conducted as a team by a native English language assistant teacher assigned to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education and two English teachers at the school site.

When the Office of Education announced two courses: ‘Phonics class for elementary and middle school students to improve basic English learning’ and ‘Class to read English textbooks for middle school students to strengthen English competency’, 1,500 students applied for the course.

Gyeongbuk Superintendent of Education Im Jong-sik said, “Students are very excited to participate in the Metaverse English class with native speakers. There was a request from parents to open more classes and we will do so,” he said.

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teaching English in Gangwon-do

Teaching English in Gangwon-do counties

Hwacheon County has been among the most active counties facilitating teaching English in Gangwon-do.

The county has particularly been a major help in the high-quality foreign language learning of rural school students through a project to place native English language assistant teachers in the county.

On June 29th, four students from Wonwon Elementary School in Hanam-myeon visited the county office head, Choi Moon-soon.

The meeting was held at the request of the children who wanted to deliver a handwritten thank-you letter to Mayor Choi, who had supported the placement of native-speaking assistant teachers at the school.

The children sitting next to Mayor Choi said, “It is difficult to go from home or school to a private academy in the city, but it is so much fun to be able to play and talk with foreign teachers at school. We want to say thank you and we wrote this letter of thanks.”

Hwacheon-gun is one of the most assertive counties for enabling foreign language education for local students among local governments across the country. A total of 17 native language assistant teachers are currently active in the area.

This year, they secured eight native-speaking assistant teachers for Fulbright, and placed five of them in elementary and middle schools, and three of them are teaching children at Hwacheon-gun’s own foreign language academy.

In addition, the local Ministry of Education is partially subsidizing the budget for the EPIK native speaker assistant teacher (9 students) placement project.

Also, it provides opportunities to experience British and American culture through a homestay program for native English teachers, a public library, and a foreign language academy.

When daily life is restored from COVID-19, the existing middle and high school students plan to expand overseas language training and include backpacking trips.

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English teaching in Yongsan-gu

English Teaching in Yongsan-gu

Programs for English teaching in Yongsan-gu of Seoul continue to spread in various spaces such as small libraries in the local community.

The small library at the Hyochang-dong Community Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul announced that it would be operating an ‘English fairy tale reading class with a native speaker’ until the 1st of August. The purpose is to make the small library, which started operating in earnest after the lifting of social distancing, be reborn as a local cultural space.

‘English Fairy Tale Reading Class with a Native Speaker’ is a beginner’s English reading class where about 10 middle-aged citizens who have few opportunities to learn English read and talk about English fairy tales with a native speaker.

Lectures are held every Friday with various sessions beginning from 3 pm. Students read an English fairy tale every week and perform a role-play according to the characters, and then conclude with an English fairy tale creation, drawing of the fairy tale, and a simple English test.

Reading Class includes books like Dumbo, The Jungle Book, Lady And The Tramp, Winnie-the-Pooh, Finding Nemo, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

The Hyochang-dong library is currently open from 1-5 pm on weekdays. The Hyochang-dong Small Library Volunteer Group is in charge of borrowing, returning, and organizing bookshelves by day of the week.

Yongsan-gu mayor Jang Sung-hyeon said, “Even last year, when it was difficult to operate a small library due to quarantine measures, we have continued to create a good environment for reading books, such as book purchase, book transfer, and mutual loan service. told

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Teaching English in Nowon-gu

Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Programs and camps for teaching English in Nowon-gu and other districts in Seoul continue to flourish.

Nowon-gu of Seoul announced that it will operate its ‘2022 Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ to increase students’ interest in English and motivate them to learn.

This is to increase their interest and confidence in English by providing students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school who are starting to study English in earnest during the summer vacation, by providing opportunities to experience English in everyday life.

To facilitate teaching English in Nowon-gu, the local government cooperated with Sahmyook University, which has operated an English camp for 13 years, to utilize the university’s high-quality programs and facilities, and to provide students with part of the participation fee to participate in the camp at a low cost. It is expected to draw much attention this year as it is a program that has been popular with parents who have concerns about their children’s English education, but have hesitated due to the expensive education cost of private camps.

The camp is divided into 1st and 2nd phases. The first is from July 24 to July 31, and the second is from August 7 to 14, 7 nights and 8 days, respectively. Students live and experience at Sahmyook University classrooms, gymnasiums, and dormitories.

The target audience is students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school located in Nowon-gu. A portion of the participation fee for general students is supported by the district and the rest is paid by the individual. Among them, 38 students from families subject to social consideration are selected and the city provides full support for the participation fee.

Students who wish to participate can apply online from the website of the district office from June 13 to 27. If the number of applicants is exceeded, selection will be made by computer lottery, and the final successful applicants will be announced on the district website at 3 pm on Thursday, July 7.

The camp for teaching English in Nowon-gu is a boarding-type camp and is operated as an EOZ (English Only Zone) where you can only converse in English all day. For effective educational operation, 8 classes of 20 students each are organized through a level test, and in each class, one native speaker teacher and one assistant teacher with professional qualifications and experience are in charge of teaching.

One of the strengths of the camp is that it is not hard and boring, but it allows you to naturally learn English through various special activities such as cooking, sports, and games, while having a meal with a native speaker and talking in English. A curriculum has been prepared to induce interest in English and to improve English speaking skills such as basic phonics, practical conversation, vocabulary, and writing.

In particular, considering the characteristics of the camp where young students participate, assistant teachers are assigned to the same floor as the students in the dormitory to live and teach together. At night, on-call staff, assistants, and nurses will be stationed to respond to emergencies, and corona self-kit tests will be conducted four times a week.

Through camps for teaching English in Nowon-gu, the local government selects excellent students by combining their educational attitudes and grades during the camp period. On July 31st and August 14th, when the camp is over, 16 outstanding students will be awarded with certificates from the mayor to encourage active participation.

Mayor Oh Seung-rok said, “Through this camp, students will surely be able to gain confidence in everyday English.”

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Teaching English to Adults in Korea

Teaching English to Adults in Korea thru Lunch

Teaching English to adults in Korea continues to be a job avidly sought by English teachers due to the innovative approaches being taken by schools to accommodate the schedules of office workers seeking more English exposure.

For instance, Pagoda Jongno Academy announced that it is operating a special lunch class in English for office workers to study briefly during their lunchtime.

An official from Pagoda Jongno Academy said, “The lunch special class is a mini-class concept that is less burdensome in terms of time and money, and is suitable for those who want to learn English in a casual setting. Since we started it, the office workers who have participated are utilizing the classes for personal growth.”

The English conversation class for the lunch special class runs for 50 minutes from 12pm in small groups, and involves a customized learning environment for learners who want a lecture with a high level of participation. In particular, students can find the value in being able to lightly discuss a variety of topics on a wide range of materials used by native-speaking instructors.

Not only office workers, but also college students and job-seekers studying for language tests or picking up a second foreign language can study without burden at an affordable cost and cost-effectiveness. An official explained that the concept allows for an increase in the efficiency of learning English conversation due to the condensed format, convenient class time and the ability to come and study every day.

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Teaching English in Cheongju

English Teaching in Cheongju Through Picture Books

English teaching in Cheongju, Korea is being further expanded thanks to a new program involving foreign teachers educating through the use of picture books.

The Department of Global Citizenship Education at Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Center is operating its first English picture bookstore concept with native English teachers in Korea.

Classes will be held for 4 weeks from May 17 (Tuesday) to June 10 (Fri) for a total of 18 students from the 4th grade of the elementary school to the 1st grade of the middle school in Cheongju from 16:00 to 17:30 on Tuesdays and Fridays for 4 weeks.

The course is divided into three classes: upper, middle, and basic so that students can choose the class that suits their level. Individually customized instruction is possible as the classes can be organized in small numbers of students without classifying the grade level.

After reading two English children’s books on cultural diversity, environment, human rights, and peace by a native-speaking English teacher in Cheongju, students can engage in activities such as games, crafting, and discussion after reading to develop not only English proficiency but also a feel for global citizenship.

The advanced class is taught using books like One Plastic Bag, Eco-Wolf and the Three Pigs, the intermediate class with Silly Billy, All are Welcome, and the basic class with The Earth Book, In the Forest.

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Teaching English in Incheon

Teaching English in Incheon through English Village

Programs for teaching English in Incheon English Village are being expanded and a full-scale recruitment of students is underway ahead of its ‘Play-Eng’ concept, a one-day English camp with native English teachers in Korea.

This one-day English camp under the slogan of ‘Dream Job High’ will be held for elementary and middle school students in Incheon, and students can choose their preferred schedule from July to December 2022.

According to an official from Incheon Metropolitan City’s English Village, the concept is designed to facilitate English with a native English teacher for a day, reduce apprehension of being around foreigners, provide new motivation for learning English, and have time for students to think about their future by conducting classes related to your job interests.

Participating students will partake in a work experience class where they learn about various occupations alongside native English teachers, explore their career paths, and learn expressions in their fields of interest. Also, students can practice natural conversation through role-playing and enjoy programs such as the ‘Life Culture Experience Class’ where they can learn various English words and sentences associated with everyday living and the ‘Team Building Class’ where teams work together to solve a given task.

Also, Incheon is enabling further concepts like  ‘ECO Kids Kindergarten’, ‘KITE Elementary School’, and ‘Edible International School’, where spring semester classes are in progress from March to July. More detailed information can be found by visiting the Incheon Metropolitan City English Village website.

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