Teaching English in Nowon-gu

Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Programs and camps for teaching English in Nowon-gu and other districts in Seoul continue to flourish.

Nowon-gu of Seoul announced that it will operate its ‘2022 Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ to increase students’ interest in English and motivate them to learn.

This is to increase their interest and confidence in English by providing students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school who are starting to study English in earnest during the summer vacation, by providing opportunities to experience English in everyday life.

To facilitate teaching English in Nowon-gu, the local government cooperated with Sahmyook University, which has operated an English camp for 13 years, to utilize the university’s high-quality programs and facilities, and to provide students with part of the participation fee to participate in the camp at a low cost. It is expected to draw much attention this year as it is a program that has been popular with parents who have concerns about their children’s English education, but have hesitated due to the expensive education cost of private camps.

The camp is divided into 1st and 2nd phases. The first is from July 24 to July 31, and the second is from August 7 to 14, 7 nights and 8 days, respectively. Students live and experience at Sahmyook University classrooms, gymnasiums, and dormitories.

The target audience is students in grades 3 to 6 of elementary school located in Nowon-gu. A portion of the participation fee for general students is supported by the district and the rest is paid by the individual. Among them, 38 students from families subject to social consideration are selected and the city provides full support for the participation fee.

Students who wish to participate can apply online from the website of the district office from June 13 to 27. If the number of applicants is exceeded, selection will be made by computer lottery, and the final successful applicants will be announced on the district website at 3 pm on Thursday, July 7.

The camp for teaching English in Nowon-gu is a boarding-type camp and is operated as an EOZ (English Only Zone) where you can only converse in English all day. For effective educational operation, 8 classes of 20 students each are organized through a level test, and in each class, one native speaker teacher and one assistant teacher with professional qualifications and experience are in charge of teaching.

One of the strengths of the camp is that it is not hard and boring, but it allows you to naturally learn English through various special activities such as cooking, sports, and games, while having a meal with a native speaker and talking in English. A curriculum has been prepared to induce interest in English and to improve English speaking skills such as basic phonics, practical conversation, vocabulary, and writing.

In particular, considering the characteristics of the camp where young students participate, assistant teachers are assigned to the same floor as the students in the dormitory to live and teach together. At night, on-call staff, assistants, and nurses will be stationed to respond to emergencies, and corona self-kit tests will be conducted four times a week.

Through camps for teaching English in Nowon-gu, the local government selects excellent students by combining their educational attitudes and grades during the camp period. On July 31st and August 14th, when the camp is over, 16 outstanding students will be awarded with certificates from the mayor to encourage active participation.

Mayor Oh Seung-rok said, “Through this camp, students will surely be able to gain confidence in everyday English.”

Interested in teaching English in Nowon-gu or another one of Seoul’s districts? Send us a message or apply today!

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