Teaching English in Gyeonggi-do

Teaching English in Gyeonggi-do Thru English Markets

Schools that are engaged in teaching English in Gyeonggi-do are trying new approaches to expand curriculum such as through the creation of ‘English market’ experiences.

On June 8th, Yeoncheon Daegwang Elementary and Middle School operated an experience-oriented ‘Daegwang Elementary and Middle English Village Experience Program’ in which all elementary and middle school students participated together with native English speakers from 7 schools in the area.

From 2020 to the present, Daegwang Elementary and Middle Schools, which have been selected to operate an English experiential program designated by the Ministry of Education, have been leading the learner-centered English reading program every year, operating an English market program in connection with English reading, and improving students’ communication skills and confidence in English.

This year, in the third year of the school operating such a program, the Daegwang Elementary and Middle English Village experience program was conducted as a meaningful activity to apply the English expressions learned so far in real life.

With the cooperation of 7 out of 10 schools with native speaker instructors, 7 experience zones (market, cafe, airport, airplane, hospital, movie theater, popcorn shop) were operated.

Principal Seon-geun Ahn said, “I hope that through practical English education, students will be confident in using English, respect cultural diversity based on their communication skills, and grow into great talents suitable for the era of the 4th industrial revolution.”

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