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Teaching English in Korea further enabled by Ulsan

Teaching English in Korea is being further facilitated by one particular district of Ulsan, one of Korea’s largest cities and in the southern end of the peninsula near Busan.

Ulsan’s Buk-gu government announced that it will be recruiting students for April at its ‘English Playground’, an innovative education district project, from April 18.

English Playground is a chance to bring English teachers in Korea together with Korean students and is operated with various themes once or twice a month until December, and students are recruited on a first-come, first-served basis from the Monday of the week before the event.

The participants are children aged 6-13 years old, living in the Buk-gu area. Thus far, 150 students have signed up via the government’s website.

The government has been attracting native speakers interested in teaching English in South Korea to assist with themes that change every month, as the program is

Teaching English in Ulsan

English Playground, photo by Ulsan Jeil News

structured so that the students can experience various experiences such as cultural education in English-speaking countries with native English teachers. This April revolves around Easter themes.

Last month, at the Lifelong Learning Center in the same district area, under the theme of ‘St. Patrick’s Day’, the first operation of ‘English Playground’ was successfully held in the presence of 200 students and parents.

An official from Ulsan’s Buk-gu government said, “The first class in March showed a lot of interest and participation from students and parents, and we look forward to more of the same, going forward.’

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