Teaching English in Mungyeong

Teaching English in Mungyeong

Teaching English in Mungyeong can be a rewarding experience for teachers looking for some Korean culture enrichment through their training programs.

Gyeongbuk’s Mungyeong Office of Education recently announced that it had conducted classroom improvement and Korean culture experience training for native English teachers on June 2nd.

There are 8 native-speaking English instructors working at the elementary, middle and high schools in the local area, possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher, and they are of British, American, and Canadian nationalities. Classes are 22 hours per week, and 22 schools operate on a rotating shift system.

A native speaker from the UK who participated in the training felt happy to be able to participate in the pottery experience where you can feel the spirit of Korea. She said that it was a positive opportunity and was grateful to the Mungyeong Office of Education for arranging this training.

Another teacher who worked as a classroom improvement instructor said that it was meaningful to have time to adapt to the changes and study various teaching methods together through this experience because the English expressions keep changing according to the times.

Meanwhile, Ahn Jung-hwan, director of the education support department at Mungyeong Office of Education, said, “The purpose of today’s training is to improve English language teaching competency based on understanding Korean culture. We will continue to support them to provide public education that improves children’s skills and provides satisfaction through language education and international understanding centered on native-speaking English teachers.”

Interested in cultural enrichment through teaching English in Mungyeong or another one of Korea’s cities? Send us a message or apply today!

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