Maple Bear in Korea

Maple Bear opens up Canadian public kindergartens in Korea

Teaching English in Korea is being innovated through the introduction of Canadian public education concepts.

Maple Bear, an English education institution for preschool and elementary school students, has attained a certain amount of fame for learning English as naturally as their mother tongue without stress.

The curriculum, designed based on Canadian public education, was developed by experts who have been involved with Canadian public education for more than 30 years. In addition to curriculum development, they travel around the world to different Maple Bear locations to educate teachers and observe students, and are working to develop a more effective curriculum based on information obtained.

Instead of sitting at a desk to study, the whole class takes classes together and the teacher sometimes conducts classes in small groups, and various activities such as math, science, and art are prepared by the teacher for students in advance.

As such, Maple Bear helps teachers and students to discuss together, organize their thoughts and explore on their own and develops the power to collaborate with friends.

Another characteristic is integrated education. The Maple Bear class adopts themes that children of all ages will like, and based on that, various activities are conducted. Through this, children can directly experience and immerse themselves in the class independently and learn effectively.

Meanwhile, Maple Bear Global Schools is a global group with more than 200 campuses in 11 countries, including Brazil, Singapore, India, and China, as a specialized educational institution for elementary school children headquartered in Vancouver, Canada.

By infusing Canada’s public education in this kind of format, it provides an immersive education that allows students to naturally acquire mathematics, science, music, and art in English.

Currently, Maple Bear has 13 locations throughout Seoul, Gyeonggi-do, Daejeon, Daegu and Busan.

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