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Maple Bear in Korea Rooted in Excellence

Maple Bear in Korea is a Canadian children’s English education program that also operates in other countries around the world. Founded in 2007, the company in Korea directly operates Maple Bear’s Songpa branch, and Dongbo Airlines, which operates the domestic distributors of over 30 foreign airlines, is the parent company. Dongbo Airlines is a mid-sized company with companies such as Boram Air, World Bridge Air, Anam Air, and Dongbo Airport Service as affiliates.

The reason why Dongbo Airlines Chairman Lee In-jae introduced Maple Bear to Korea stems from his relationship with Korean Air, where he oversaw the English education of pilots before establishing Dongbo Airlines. He wanted to introduce Canada’s excellent English education system to Korea, which he had encountered while dealing with airlines around the world, such as Air Canada and Austrian Airlines.

Maple Bear, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is an educational institution for children that operates more than 260 campuses in 13 countries, including Singapore, the United States, Brazil, and UAE, as well as Canada. It is characterized by an immersive education that naturally facilitates the learning of mathematics, science, music, and art in English by introducing Canada’s public education rather than simply teaching English.

It goes without saying that Maple Bear’s Songpa branch, which has a strong parent company’s sponsorship and a unique philosophy on English education, is loved by the local community.

Thanks to the success of the Songpa branch, which celebrated its 10th anniversary, the number of domestic Maple Bear campuses has increased to 12, including Pyeongchon, Bundang Pangyo, Mapo, Daegu, Daejeon, and Busan.

Looking to teach English in Korea at a Maple Bear location or have some questions about the application process? Contact us or send an application today!

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