Is teaching English in China right for you? Learn about the 5 kinds of people that thrive in China.

5 Personalites To Teach In China

Many destinations have invited curious travelers to explore and experience all they have to offer. But how many of these places can boast nearly 5,000 years of history? How many can sustain at least 56 different ethnic groups, thousands of spoken dialects and a culture so rich that even the most avid traveler could never experience every aspect? There is a land so beautiful and so full, that even though we may dig and search and question it with all our might, we can never quite grasp its magic.

Can you guess what country I’m thinking of? That’s right! The mysterious and beautiful Middle Kingdom: China.

There has been growing interest towards China in recent years and it’s not without merit. Many people are booking their tickets with important features in mind, such as the Great Wall, the Terra-cotta Warriors, and the bustling, shopping streets of Shanghai and Hong Kong. Others aspire to start their businesses there or perhaps teach English to an adorable class of fourth graders. There are so many reasons to visit and work in this beautiful country, but you’re probably wondering ‘is China the place for me?’. Find out if you’re one of the people that will thrive! 

1. The Artist, Poet and Philosopher

5 personalities for China: Philospher

Are you always looking for a local art exhibition? Do you find fulfillment in reading and pondering great works of literature and philosophy? Well, you are in luck! China possesses all of these in spades! Study the proverbs of Confucius while you sip coffee in your nearby park. Seek to understand the mysterious way of the Dao De Jing by Laozi. Take a local calligraphy or Chinese painting class. Whatever your niche, China has something for you!

2. The Thrill Seeker

5 types of people who should teach in china
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Not much scares you, right? You live for a good thrill! Although China is a very peaceful place with modest people, they understand this need of yours. Climb Mount Huashan (aka the most dangerous hike in the world) and dare to tiptoe across the Plankwalk in the Sky. It’s a thrill to be reckoned with. Perhaps strange and unfamiliar food entices you. Try fried cockroaches and scorpions on a stick, jellied worms and so much more. Its sure to shock most! People willing to try anything and everything will have an amazing time teaching abroad in China! 

3. The Foodie

5 Kinds of People To Teach In China: The Foodie

Attention all foodies out there– China’s got your back on this one! When you’re not trying fried cockroaches, one of the most amazing aspects of China is diversity among its provinces. In every province (and even every city within the provinces) there will be diversity in food. Sichuan province, for example, is known for its intense flavors and spice. The huajiao, a spicy peppercorn, will actually numb your mouth if you happen to crunch on one. Watch out!

In Beijing you will find the famous Peking duck dish (one of my favorites!). Little slices of marinated duck, with thin strips of crisp white onion, wrapped in a delicate rice flour paper and then dipped in a sweet and sour sauce! Absolutely delicious! There are so many foods to try, so when you come to teach abroad in China, you’ll be sure to send your taste buds on a whirlwind adventure.

4. The Social Butterfly

5 personalities in china: social butterfly

Everywhere you go in China you’ll find a new friend, as long as you’re open and inviting. For some places in China, foreigners can be rare, so locals will be quick to investigate the new person in their town. Usually they’ll want to talk to you, take pictures with you, practice their English with you, invite you to dinner, or bring you to KTV. Sometimes you will even be honored by going to your Chinese friend’s hometown for a home cooked meal with his or her family. If so, you are very lucky! A social butterfly will thrive in this country because the Chinese are friendly, welcoming and fun-loving. Open up your heart and float on, butterfly!

5. The Outdoors Enthusiast

5 Personalities in China: Outdoors

This might come as a surprise for those who have mostly heard of Shanghai & Beijing. In reality, China is actually full of all kinds of nature and opportunities for outdoor activity. It’s easy to magine an industrial forest and pollution when thinking of China, but what many people don’t think of are the beautiful Yellow Mountains in Anhui province, with their amazing peaks and unique pines. Or the Li river and the high karst stones that your boat will sail quietly past in Guilin. And no one should forget the lush, green hills and flaming red Phoenix trees in Fujian province. Avid hikers and outdoorspeople will love China’s natural beauty and scenery. Come teach in China to explore and fall in love with its natural beauty!

By Teaching Abroad In China, You Can Experience It All!

It’s possible to experience all of these things while teaching in China. Life’s never boring because there is so much to learn and experience. Be brave and take a chance! No matter which description you fit (or even if you don’t fit into one), China will probably be your most exciting adventure. Adventure Teaching is ready to set you up and send you out with everything you need. One of the greatest decisions I have made during my teaching career was reaching out to them. Give them a chance, give China a chance, and take a chance on yourself. You will love it here and be forever changed!