Who says you have to be outdoors in order to explore?

The Seoul Trick Eye Museum is a fun and easy way to get out of the cold this winter!

Seoul Eye Trick Museum

Korea has so many captivating, historical landmarks outdoors, from palaces to temples to the world’s oldest bridge.

During the spring and summer, enjoying these attractions is a piece of cake. In the winter, though? Unless you enjoy bone-chilling winds that make your eyes water and slippery, non-salted sidewalks, you probably want to be a bit more comfortable and find something to do indoors. Visit Seoul and head for its famous Trick Eye Museum, located in the notorious neighborhood of Hongdae and make some memories without breaking the bank or battling the cold.

The Trick Eye Museum is a museum full of optical illusion art in which you can participate–perfect for today’s camera-happy generation. However, selfies won’t work here; you’ll need to drag along a friend (or two!) to help you get that perfect shot.


Inside the museum

The best photos are those without flash. For the illusions to work, you just need to follow the directions and arrows written on the ground, which will show you where to stand. How to stand, is up to you. Get in there and strut your stuff! But quickly because there will be a line of people behind you waiting to get silly too!

Seoul eye trick museum

My first time here was during my first stay in Korea with some friends. We went on a Saturday, and even on weekends the lines for photos move quickly; you just need to be strategic and find empty lines first, then when the lines at busy exhibits dwindle you can head for those before the next rush comes through.

For these next two pictures, I was actually lying down on my back, not on my hands or jumping. I arranged my hair and clothes above my head or beside me to make the final shot more realistic. Also, I had some great quality time with Leonardo Da Vinci!


Seoul Eye trick museum

Fun For Everyone

Seoul eye trick museum

There were families with young kids, elderly couples, high schoolers, adults, and everyone in between enjoying the museum. Tickets are usually around 15,000 won (~$14) admission, so you can have fun without the buyer’s remorse. Pro tip: you can get FREE admission on your birthday with this coupon! Put the Seoul Trick Eye Museum on your bucket list if you have company visiting or are looking to get out on a snowy day. Don’t want to head over to Seoul? They’ve got locations in Jeju and Busan

Happy Posing!

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