What’s the “Airport Limousine Bus”, and how does it work?

The comfiest and quickest way to hitch a ride from the airport to your new life as an expat in Korea.

How To Ride the Icheon Airport Limousine Bus

You’ve scored a job teaching English in South Korea, said all your goodbyes back home and finally touched down at Incheon Airport. But as you come out of the arrivals terminal, you find yourself gawking around and wondering, “Sooo…where do I go from here?” Perhaps you need to get to Seoul, or are facing the seemingly intimidating possibility of a cross-country bus trip. Either way, don’t worry! Whatever your destination, Incheon Airport has a fantastic bus system set up to get you from point A…irport to point B smoothly. Known as the “Airport Limousine Bus” (고속) or “lee-moe bus-uh” in Korean, both the buses and the drivers are the best in the country. While not actually a limousine (sad, I know), they’re referred to as such for their prime comfort and service. Once you’re on, you’ll be cruising to your new life in Korea on one of the most comfortable rides in the country. 

Step 1: Buy a Bus Ticket.

How to get an airport limousine bus ticket

Before you even do this, we highly recommend that you have your destination city written down to guarantee you end up in the right place – bonus points if it’s in Korean, too. For example, there’s the cities of Jeonju, Jinju and Cheongju, and pronouncing a single syllable even slightly wrong can land you in a town hours away from your intended destination. As embarrassing it is to admit, it happened to yours truly (whoops)!

You can purchase bus tickets at ticket counters either inside the arrivals terminal or just outside. Indoor ticket counters are located to the right of arrival gate B or to the left of arrival gate D, while the outdoor counters are adjacent to exit gates 4, 6, 7, 8, 11 and 13. Inform the friendly representatives of your destination, pay in cash or credit card and ask them to point out where to catch your bus.

airport map

STEP 2:  Find Your Bus Stop.

Icheon airport bus how-to

The bus stops are located simply a crosswalk or two away from where you buy your ticket. Right across from the terminal exit gates are two paved islands one after another, connected by crosswalks and with all the bus stops lined up in a row. This is where you’ll want to jump, hop and skip yourself over to once you’ve got your golden ticket in hand. Your ticket will inform you which stop to expect your bus at. For example, all the various buses to Seoul, depending on the specific area you’re navigating to can be caught at bus stops 3B to 6B and 10A to 13A on the first island. Busan buses, on the other hand, can be caught at bus stop 10C, on the second island. If you’re unsure about which stop to head to, just flash your ticket and your best smile at any of the ticket counter reps or airport staff and they’ll be more than happy to get you on the right track.

STEP 3: Boarding.

There are a number of bus shelters with heat/air conditioning to keep you comfortable while you keep an eye out for your bus. Once it arrives, be sure to store larger luggage under the bus, while personal baggage with valuables can be brought on board. These limousine buses really live up to their names, with first-class oversized recliners maxed out with elevated leg rests and headrests that hug your tired noggin all the way to your destination. Once you’re settled in and buckled up, kick back and relax. You’re on your way and officially an expat in Korea!

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