Teaching English to Adults in Korea

Teaching English to Adults in Korea thru Lunch

Teaching English to adults in Korea continues to be a job avidly sought by English teachers due to the innovative approaches being taken by schools to accommodate the schedules of office workers seeking more English exposure.

For instance, Pagoda Jongno Academy announced that it is operating a special lunch class in English for office workers to study briefly during their lunchtime.

An official from Pagoda Jongno Academy said, “The lunch special class is a mini-class concept that is less burdensome in terms of time and money, and is suitable for those who want to learn English in a casual setting. Since we started it, the office workers who have participated are utilizing the classes for personal growth.”

The English conversation class for the lunch special class runs for 50 minutes from 12pm in small groups, and involves a customized learning environment for learners who want a lecture with a high level of participation. In particular, students can find the value in being able to lightly discuss a variety of topics on a wide range of materials used by native-speaking instructors.

Not only office workers, but also college students and job-seekers studying for language tests or picking up a second foreign language can study without burden at an affordable cost and cost-effectiveness. An official explained that the concept allows for an increase in the efficiency of learning English conversation due to the condensed format, convenient class time and the ability to come and study every day.

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