Teaching English in Korea through the Metaverse

Teaching English in Korea Through the Metaverse

The Gyeongbuk government of Korea is now utilizing the metaverse for teaching English in Korea.

The ‘Metaverse English Class with Native Speakers‘, run by the Gyeongbuk Office of Education from July 18th to the 29th during summer vacation, is gaining popularity among students.

According to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education on the 5th, ‘Metaverse English Class’ is a new project of the Gyeongbuk Office of Education this year, and is operated for students in grades 4-5 and middle school students.

It will be held real-time in a metaverse space from 7:00 pm to 7:35 pm and 7:45 pm to 8:20 pm for two weeks.

The project promotion team, made up of 22 teachers, developed the metaverse space construction and curriculum from April to June, and the program is currently in its final stage.

Classes are conducted as a team by a native English language assistant teacher assigned to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education and two English teachers at the school site.

When the Office of Education announced two courses: ‘Phonics class for elementary and middle school students to improve basic English learning’ and ‘Class to read English textbooks for middle school students to strengthen English competency’, 1,500 students applied for the course.

Gyeongbuk Superintendent of Education Im Jong-sik said, “Students are very excited to participate in the Metaverse English class with native speakers. There was a request from parents to open more classes and we will do so,” he said.

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