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6 Amazingly Weird Places in Korea

Yes, we know about all the must-do’s in Korea.. But how about the weird, the different, the unusual places in Korea…? 1. Theme cafes in Korea: There are so many different theme cafes in Korea such as cat cafes, dog cafes, a Photography cafe, a Charlie Brown Cafe, a Victoria Era cafe, a Puzzle Cafe, and […]

Korean Bank account

How to open a Korean Bank account One of the first things to do in Korea, is opening a bank account. With so many banks to choose from, it can be quite a mission to decide which bank to go to. It is common for schools to provide assistance or recommendations to banks nearby the school or in the […]

Arriving in Korea: 5 things you should know!

You’ve waited weeks for this moment, perhaps even months. You have landed at Incheon Airport, and you’ve been told how to get out of the airport (take a bus into Seoul, look for someone holding your name when you come out of baggage claim, etc). But you probably have no idea what comes next, right? […]

Useful Websites in Korea

Are you new to Korea? Have you been here for a few years? Either way, we’ve found these useful websites in Korea to be super helpful in planning nights out, weekends away, or exotic trips out of the country.  We hope this list will assist you as you create memories overseas! Social English Magazines in […]

Accommodation in Korea

Accommodation in Korea A free apartment?! Say what?? You’re coming to Korea soon and you want to know where you are going to stay for the next year, right? Wouldn’t you want to know more about your accommodation in Korea? Sadly, you won’t get an address before you arrive. You also won’t see pictures or get a list […]

China Town in Incheon

China Town in Incheon Located just west of Seoul, Incheon is the 3rd largest city in Korea with a population of 3 million people. Nestled right next to Incheon Station is the bustling, historic, lively center of China Town. It was founded in 1883, right around the time that Incheon Port opened. Trust us – […]

Abandoned Amusement Park

Abandoned Amusement Park Some of our Teachers came across this abandoned amusement park on the Eastern outskirts of Seoul called Mangu: Yongma land. Apparently this amusement park is scheduled to be torn down, so it could be out of existence any day now… The nearest Subway stop: Mangu Subway   Have you stumbled across any Abandoned Amusement […]

Learn to read Korean in 15 Minutes

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes Did you know that you could learn to read Korean in less than an hour?! This picture has been created by Ryan Estrada – It’s famous for being a good way to learn to read Korean, in just 15 minutes… (Took some of us closer to an hour), but imagine spending 1 […]

Ski resorts in Korea

Ski resorts in Korea There are plenty of ski resorts in Korea to quench the thirst–at least temporarily–of those who love winter sports. Skiing in Korea is the perfect un-intimidating environment to “get your ski on.” The first snow already hit Korea, so it’s  time to take out the ski gear and to get ready for Winter! […]