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Hue 135 – Itaewon Restaurant

Looking for a ‘Dry Aging’ Itaewon restaurant?

Dry aging is one of the methods of aging meat. Dry-aging is a method in which meat is aged by exposing it to the air for 2 to 4 weeks under constant conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.).

A particular Itaewon restaurant serves delicious beef using this dry-aging technique in the form of omakase. Those who know right away say they have heard of ‘Hue 135’. Specializing in meat, Hue 135 stands out among other Itaewon restaurants due to being run by chef Kim Se-kyung, who appeared in ‘Korean Food Battle Goseogaejeon’, and the name is a combination of ‘hue 休’, meaning ‘rest’ and ‘135 degrees’, the temperature at which meat is most deliciously cooked.

As soon as you enter, the luxurious interior welcomes you, and a professional chef grills all the meat before you. The unique flavor and texture of meat aged with dry-aging techniques are roasted by the chef to a bronze color. You can definitely feel a new appeal of meat with a fresh and savory taste.

Not for those who like to sit on their wallet, so if you are curious about a truly luxurious steak experience, best to spring for this on a special meal with you and a special someone.

Located on the east end of Itaewon.


Itaewon restaurants

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