Teaching English in South Korea

Teaching English in South Korea’s Goryeong County

A new program for teaching English in South Korea is being rolled out in Goryeong County, located on the outskirts of Daegu.

The Goryeong County Educational Development Committee is now enrolling students for one-on-one video English learning support using the Internet as a means to support local elementary and middle school students in Korea.

This is to nurture talents who can communicate in practical English in line with the global era and to expand global English learning opportunities. In the case of multicultural families wanting English learning curriculum, the full tuition fee is subsidized as special support.

Applicants can apply through the school they are attending by May 13th, and the target audience is about 100 elementary school students in grades 5-6 and middle school students in grades 1-2.

Video-based English learning, which will be conducted for the first time this year, will be conducted in various ways such as speaking, listening, and writing according to level after the student goes through a one-on-one level test with a native speaker.

Kwak Yong-hwan, chairman of the Senior Citizenship Education Development Committee, said, “I hope that video-based English learning for native speakers will help to bridge the educational gap among students and reduce the cost of private education for parents. We will help realize Goryeong into an upscale educational city and all the benefits that come with that for citizens.

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