Teaching English in Daegu

Teaching English in Daegu Expands to Local Airlines

Teaching English in Daegu is no longer being limited to language academies and typical university programs.

The Department of Global Aviation Services of Daegu Catholic University held the 2nd Blue Wings Uniform Ceremony on May 2nd at St. Jeronimo Hall on campus. At the event, 21 first-year students of the Department of Global Aviation Services were awarded a wing badge, which symbolizes the wings of an aircraft.

Park Boon-joo, head of the Global Aviation Service Department, said, “Through this wing award ceremony, let’s all work together toward our goal of becoming a flight attendant with a new mindset. We hope that this event of giving wings to our dreams will become an opportunity for all of us to be reborn. I will do my best to train great crew members with character and intelligence.”

Daegu Catholic University’s Department of Global Aviation Services was newly established in the academic year of 2021 and recruited a second round of freshmen this year. It currently organizes a faculty of field experts with the goal of cultivating high-quality aviation service experts with global language skills while also providing practical education. The faculty is also operating a foreign language specialized program conducted by a native-speaking professor.

The program is equipped with an aircraft model lab with the same environment as an actual aircraft passenger room and an image-making room for ticketing practice, and is conducting practical training through agreements with airlines such as Air Seoul, T’way, and Air Premia.

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