Teaching English in Yeongcheon

English Teaching in Korea Programs Expanded in Yeongcheon

An English teaching in Korea program operated by native English teachers is going to be implemented in Yeongcheon, located just east of Daegu in the southern end of South Korea.

Seobu-dong in Yeongcheon City recently signed an MOU with the Yeongcheon Family Center on April 26th to operate an English class for local children in a small meeting room inside the Administrative Welfare Center.

This agreement was promoted to provide learning opportunities to low-income children in the region by establishing a public-private partnership system based on the local community and to bridge the relative educational gap between students.

“We will continue to work hard so that more welfare benefits can be returned to the local residents through the constant interest and cooperation of the local public and private sector,” said Kang Dae-hwal, director of the Yeongcheon Family Center, who gladly accepted this business agreement.

The English teaching in Korea program, which is scheduled to be conducted through the agreement, will be conducted once a week by a native English teacher until December for the lower grades of elementary school.

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