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Teaching English in Korea through the Metaverse

Teaching English in Korea Through the Metaverse

The Gyeongbuk government of Korea is now utilizing the metaverse for teaching English in Korea. The ‘Metaverse English Class with Native Speakers‘, run by the Gyeongbuk Office of Education from July 18th to the 29th during summer vacation, is gaining popularity among students. According to the Gyeongbuk Office of Education on the 5th, ‘Metaverse English […]

teaching English in Gangwon-do

Teaching English in Gangwon-do counties

Hwacheon County has been among the most active counties facilitating teaching English in Gangwon-do. The county has particularly been a major help in the high-quality foreign language learning of rural school students through a project to place native English language assistant teachers in the county. On June 29th, four students from Wonwon Elementary School in […]

English teaching in Yongsan-gu

English Teaching in Yongsan-gu

Programs for English teaching in Yongsan-gu of Seoul continue to spread in various spaces such as small libraries in the local community. The small library at the Hyochang-dong Community Center in Yongsan-gu, Seoul announced that it would be operating an ‘English fairy tale reading class with a native speaker’ until the 1st of August. The […]

Teaching English in Nowon-gu

Teaching English in Nowon-gu of Seoul

Programs and camps for teaching English in Nowon-gu and other districts in Seoul continue to flourish. Nowon-gu of Seoul announced that it will operate its ‘2022 Nowon Children’s Native English Camp’ to increase students’ interest in English and motivate them to learn. This is to increase their interest and confidence in English by providing students […]

Teaching English in Gyeonggi-do

Teaching English in Gyeonggi-do Thru English Markets

Schools that are engaged in teaching English in Gyeonggi-do are trying new approaches to expand curriculum such as through the creation of ‘English market’ experiences. On June 8th, Yeoncheon Daegwang Elementary and Middle School operated an experience-oriented ‘Daegwang Elementary and Middle English Village Experience Program’ in which all elementary and middle school students participated together […]

Teaching English in Mungyeong

Teaching English in Mungyeong

Teaching English in Mungyeong can be a rewarding experience for teachers looking for some Korean culture enrichment through their training programs. Gyeongbuk’s Mungyeong Office of Education recently announced that it had conducted classroom improvement and Korean culture experience training for native English teachers on June 2nd. There are 8 native-speaking English instructors working at the […]

Teaching in Chungcheongbuk-do

Teaching English in Cheongju via Global Citizenship

Cheongju continues to expand its English educational programs and provides more opportunities for those interested in teaching English in Cheongju. The Global Citizenship Education Department (Director Young-rok Oh) ​​of the Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Center is operating Global Citizenship Classes for 1,600 students from 10 schools in Cheongju from May 19 (Thu) to July 14 (Thu). […]



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