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Teaching English in Chungbuk

Teaching English in Chungbuk Through Global Culture Class

Teaching English in Chungbuk Province of South Korea is being facilitated through the expansion of government programs. Specifically, Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Center will conduct a “2022 Global Culture Class”. The program is designed to help students systematically learn about international culture and to increase their sensitivity to culture as a global talent. Participating students will […]

Teaching English in Yeongcheon

English Teaching in Korea Programs Expanded in Yeongcheon

An English teaching in Korea program operated by native English teachers is going to be implemented in Yeongcheon, located just east of Daegu in the southern end of South Korea. Seobu-dong in Yeongcheon City recently signed an MOU with the Yeongcheon Family Center on April 26th to operate an English class for local children in […]

English teachers in Korea

English Teachers in Korea Teaching Global History and Culture

English teachers in Korea are expanding the scope of what is being taught to Korean students. For instance, in Chungbuk Province, Chungbuk International Education Center has been operating ‘World Citizens Learning through History and Culture’ since April 26th. The course aims to help students in the province grow into global citizens with international communication skills […]

Teaching English in Andong

Andong Seobu Elementary School, visiting Andong English Village

During April, foreigners teaching English in Andong at Andong English Village visited 6th-grade students at Andong’s Seobu Elementary School to provide them with more natural English exposure. The Andong English Village Visiting Class is a program operated to ‘provide specialized programs that contribute to nurturing global talents and bridging the educational gap and improving English […]

Teaching English in Jinju

English Teaching in Jinju to Nurture Future Talents

English teachers in Korea’s southern reaches of the peninsula are being recruited for teaching English in Jinju. The Jinju Future Talent Learning Support Center is launching unique learning programs, such as establishing the ‘English Science Class’ and ‘YouTube Creator’ courses to foster creative talents who will lead the prosperous future of Jinju and to satisfy […]

Teaching English in Gangwon-do

Teaching English in Korea’s Hwacheon

Teaching English in Korea programs are being expanded in Hwacheon-gun, a beautiful county north of Chuncheon in South Korea’s Gangwon Province. On April 18th, the county announced that it would double the English cultural experience for preschoolers participating in a local English academy this year and hold it six times. The English cultural experience, which […]

Teaching English in Daejeon

Teaching English in Korea’s Daejeon camps

Camps for teaching English in Korea are taking root in Daejeon, where an English camp is now being operated for kids entering 6th grade of elementary school and up to 2nd grade of middle school. As many as 480 kids from 211 elementary and middle schools in the area will participate in this particular camp […]

English teachers in Korea visit Gyeonggi schools

English Teachers in Korea visit Gyeonggi Schools

English teachers in Korea are being recruited and dispatched by the Gyeonggi Language Education and Training Institute who will operate a ‘School Visitation’ program in which native-speaking instructors support classes in elementary, middle, and high schools in the province from this April. The Language Education and Training Institute prepared a school visitation program with native […]