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Teaching English in Daejeon

Teaching English in Korea’s Daejeon camps

Camps for teaching English in Korea are taking root in Daejeon, where an English camp is now being operated for kids entering 6th grade of elementary school and up to 2nd grade of middle school. As many as 480 kids from 211 elementary and middle schools in the area will participate in this particular camp […]

English teachers in Korea visit Gyeonggi schools

English Teachers in Korea visit Gyeonggi Schools

English teachers in Korea are being recruited and dispatched by the Gyeonggi Language Education and Training Institute who will operate a ‘School Visitation’ program in which native-speaking instructors support classes in elementary, middle, and high schools in the province from this April. The Language Education and Training Institute prepared a school visitation program with native […]

Ulsan teaching

Teaching English in Korea further enabled by Ulsan

Teaching English in Korea is being further facilitated by one particular district of Ulsan, one of Korea’s largest cities and in the southern end of the peninsula near Busan. Ulsan’s Buk-gu government announced that it will be recruiting students for April at its ‘English Playground’, an innovative education district project, from April 18. English Playground […]

Teaching English in Jeju

Teaching English in Jeju Expands into Research

Those interested in teaching English in Jeju can find more rewarding jobs become available these days. For instance, Jeju Foreign Language Learning Center announced this month that it has been operating the 2022 high school subject exploration project class with English teachers in Korea for high school students throughout the province. The high school subject […]

Teaching English in Jeju

Teaching in Jeju through Experiential Programs

Teaching in Jeju can be a very enriching experience for those interested in the emerging ESL industry there. The Jeju International Education Center announced this month that it had successfully operated an experiential learning program with a native English teacher in 2022 for 60 fifth-grade students of Jangjeon Elementary School. The Shinjeju Foreign Culture Learning […]

English teachers in Korea shopping

English Teachers in Korea Shopping Again

English teachers in Korea and other Seoul expats are returning to Seoul’s iconic commercial districts, such as Myeongdong and Itaewon, which had lost customers in the face of the direct hit of Corona-19. Likewise, foreign-friendly Seoul stomping grounds are seeing an uptick in global patrons, such as lively neighborhoods like Hongdae, Insadong, Jongno, Apgujeong and […]

Teaching English in Korea

English Education Brand Rankings in Korea – April 2022

As a result of big data analysis of English education brand reputation in April 2022 by the Korea Business Reputation Research Institute, the analyzed results were in order of 1st place, JLS Jeongsang Language School, 2nd place, Real Class and 3rd place, DYB Choisun Language School.   Among the English education brands most cherished by […]

Teaching English in Gyeongnam Province

Teaching English in Gyeongnam Province Debate Classes

Those who are teaching English in Gyeongnam Province of Korea are being asked to expand their scope to include debate instruction. The Gyeongnam Office of Education runs a high school English discussion program from April to October in order to strengthen general high school students’ language competency necessary in the global era. Students gain a […]