Learn to read Korean in 15 Minutes

Learn to read Korean in 15 minutes

Did you know that you could learn to read Korean in less than an hour?!

This picture has been created by Ryan Estrada – It’s famous for being a good way to learn to read Korean, in just 15 minutes… (Took some of us closer to an hour), but imagine spending 1 hour – and being able to save so much more time in the future, by being able to read!

The written alphabet is made up of symbols that represent phonetic sounds, unlike the Chinese alphabet that uses pictures to represent thoughts or whole words. The entire Korean language is make up of only 19 vowel and consonant sounds. Though many foreigners can learn to read Korean with ease, it is difficult for English speakers to grow in fluency due to the complex grammar of the language. When you are done here, head over to the Korean Language page, and test your pronunciation…

Now get that pen and paper ready… Let’s Learn to read Korean!!!

How to Read Korea


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  1. louise
    louise says:

    WOW!!!! U werent kidding..15 minutes and an hr long bus ride and I now feel like I can read most of the signs I see in a day!!! A million thanks


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