6 Awesome Korea Expat Video Channels

Last year, Alexa Hart from Atlas Sliced released a great YouTube video highlighting six awesome Korea expat video channels. Together they give a great insight into the many amazing (and at times, very strange) aspects of life in Korea! Check out her video and once you are done, be sure to visit the video channels that we ever-so-kindly broke out for you below!

[Update] The original video posted by Alexa Hart from Atlas Sliced is no longer available – but you can still check out the channels linked below!]

Here are the 6 Korea Expat Video Channels that Alexa mentions:

Backpacking Travel TV

  • Samuel and Audrey are the faces behind Backpacking Travel TV, a food, cultural & travel channel. Their videos will take you around Korea (and the world!) through culture, food and humor. Topics include visiting markets and temples, eating street food, traveling by train, and their daily quirky adventures.

Eat Your Kimchi

  • You can’t live in Korea without watching the uber famous Eatyourkimchi duo, Simon & Martina. They make high-end videos about K-pop, Korean Food, Traveling in Korea, Korean Indie Music, and much more.


  • Kerri posts great weekly videos about travel, expat life, and all things Korea!


  • Part travel show, part cultural documentary, this series shares the stories of interesting expats while showing the city through their eyes. One to watch!


  • Long-time expert expat, Steve Miller (QiRanger) releases popular travel videos and video blogs about travel and Korea. Great, engaging videos on a number of awesome topics including new Korean beers and Korean pizza vending machines.

Michael Aronson

  • Awesome parodies and songs from this former New Yorker and now honorary Seoul citizen. He writes songs, make music videos, and talks about Korea! Don’t miss these!

If you have any favourite expat video channels about life in Korea or China, send us an email: [email protected].


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