6 Amazingly Weird Places in Korea

Yes, we know about all the must-do’s in Korea.. But how about the weird, the different, the unusual places in Korea…?

1. Theme cafes in Korea:

There are so many different theme cafes in Korea such as cat cafes, dog cafes, a Photography cafe, a Charlie Brown Cafe, a Victoria Era cafe, a Puzzle Cafe, and even a Board game cafe. Which is your favorite?

2. Yongma-land abandoned amusement park

NGQhn2g8OsQ6dCg5PYQlVIymT9uleXD9yFNgsmd9kPevAI9zXicqRwjPEYkG7qGhIOH2kp9ACmEl4ncZ8TGWtrpwVUVPUtSKOxUujvWqbtF0h3EhP7PGRLAnc_s090mHEAYongma-land closed down a while ago, and is situated near Mangu Station. Mr. Youn, the owner, charges an access fee of 5,000 won per person.

Here’s an M/V music video, shot at this spooky amusement park!

3. Weird but awesome party hotels!

Would you like to stay in Korea’s ‘Santorini’? Or in an Egyptian-like palace? There’s something for everyone at these crazy-awesome party hotels!

4. Gonjiam psychaitric hospital

img_8693It is illegal to visit this sinister abandoned building but people go nevertheless. We recommend you don’t go but just read about it instead!

If you don’t heed our advice and somehow end up there, take bug spray!

5. Jindo sea parting

Once a year in Jindo, the seas mysteriously part and visitors can walk through the sea from the mainland to a nearby island. Biblical!

6. Gangnam Rooftop

Some of our teachers came across this palm sweat-inducing view, from the rooftop of the CGV building in Gangnam.

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