Advantages and disadvantages of teaching abroad

Looking to move abroad soon? Living and working overseas as an English teacher will be challenging. One thing you can always count on: we will provide you with honest and upfront information so that you can make well-informed decisions.  Find below the advantages and disadvantages of teaching abroad (specifically in China and Korea):

Advantages (Pro’s):

  • East Asia is currently recognized as one of the best places to teach abroad internationally
  • Have a job set up before you leave home
  • Great Salary, Low Cost of Living… save a lot of money, pay off loans, etc!
  • Free (or discounted) housing provided with contract (utilities excluded)
  • Renewal bonus or severance pay upon completion of contract
  • Paid vacation days
  • Korea: 50% Medical insurance and Pension
  • An extensive public transportation system (Subway / Bus / Train / Flight)
  • Travel opportunities: It’s cheap and easy to visit other Asian countries!
  • An opportunity to absorb a new culture, meet new people, and continue writing a great story
  • Life is easy! A cliché, yet so true.

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Disadvantages (Cons):

  • You may be the only foreigner at your school
  • You will experience culture shock for the first few months
  • You have to sign at least a one year contract
  • Students are cute, but they are just normal kids… you’ll want to pull out your hair at times…
  • East Asian philosophies of education are very different than they are in the Western world
  • You will get stared at. Relentlessly.
  • Pressure from parents – they want their kids to learn English!

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