Ski resorts in Korea

Ski resorts in Korea

There are plenty of ski resorts in Korea to quench the thirst–at least temporarily–of those who love winter sports.
Skiing in Korea is the perfect un-intimidating environment to “get your ski on.”

The first snow already hit Korea, so it’s  time to take out the ski gear and to get ready for Winter!

Ski slopes!

Ski slopes!

Here’s a list of some of Korea’s top ski resorts!

1. Yongpyeong – Korea’s best ski resort, with a beautiful resort and the best slopes you’ll find here!

2. High-One – Another great resort out east near Taebaek. One of Korea’s best ski resorts, with slopes for all levels of skiiers! Located 1,340 meters above sea level is a revolving restaurant, which offers an incredible panoramic view of no less than three different mountain ranges.

3. O2 Resort — The ‘town-style’ O2 Resort has a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities and entertainment options. It does not only receives the first snowfall in Korea, but also has the longest snow season.

O2 Ski Resort Korea

4. Phoenix Park — This resort is out near Yongpyeong, and has 22 slopes, 12 of which meet international standards.

5. Bears Town – Only an hour from Seoul, Bears Town is great for a short ski trip. It’s a bit older and more worn down than some of the other resorts in Korea, but it’s nice for a day trip.

6. Muju / Deogyusan.–Deogyusan Resort (former Muju Resort) is located in Mt. Deogyusan, and is a representative mountain resort. It has beautiful scenery and is located within one of Korea’s national parks. 

7. Oak Valley – Located in a really beautiful area of Korea, Oak Valley Snow Park has two beginner, five intermediate, and two advanced level courses.

8. Vivaldi – This ski resort is very easy to get to from Seoul, as shuttle buses leave from various places around Seoul early in the morning. Vivaldi has great facilities and courses for all levels, as well as a fantastic resort with a big water park.

Alpensia ski resort



9. Pine Resort — Nearby Seoul, Yangji Pine Resort’s top rated run is the Challenger Course, where the yearly ‘National Alpine Ski Competition’ takes place. The resort offers many enjoyable programs for skiers and snowboarders, such as training courses, a snowboarding competition, and a snow-boarding show presented by pro riders.

10. Elysian – The Elysian Gangchon Ski Resort, with its large variety of ski resorts, is a great destination for skiers of all abilities. For those who are looking for something different to do, ice climbing is also available on frozen waterfalls nearby.

11. Konjiam Resort – The Konjiam Resort boasts the largest ski slopes in the Seoul area. Konjiam Resort has solved the problem of overcrowded ski slopes, by enforcing Korea’s first maximum occupancy rule.

12. Alpensia Resort – Alpensia Ski Resort has six slopes for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy. The Alpensia ski Jumping stadium is located within the station and will be the location of the ski jumping events of the Winter Olympics 2018


13. Star Hill Resort – Access to this gorgeous and well-equipped leisure resort is very easy.  It is about 32km outside Seoul.

14. Jisan Resort – This resort is great for Nighttime skiing. All slopes are open to snowboarders, and the ski slope reserved for ski lessons has a mild slope of 3 degrees.

15. Sajo Resort – The Sajo Village Ski Resort at the top of Suanbo’s Hwangsan Valley was the only combined hot springs and ski resort until construction of other hot springs/ski resorts in 1995.

16. Eden Valley –  The Eden Valley Resort ski slopes have been scientificall

y designed to disperse skiers and prevent overcrowding. This resort can be classified as a World class resort.

Take a weekend trip with friends, or head out for a few days over Christmas. Either way, this adventure is a great way to experience Korean’s winter season at its best.

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  1. Keith Purcell
    Keith Purcell says:

    looking to move to Korea to become an English teacher, I have a real passion for skiing, wondering what would be the best area or province to move close to.

    • Kelly
      Kelly says:

      The best areas are in Gangwon-do province. If you are situated in Seoul, there are tons shuttles you can take to resorts (about 3/4 hours travel)


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