English teaching in Iksan

Mayoral candidate Hopes to Expand English Teaching in Iksan

English teaching in Iksan, Korea stands to see more of a boom if local mayoral candidate Jeong Heon-yul gets his way.

The local candidate representing the Democratic Party of Korea has pledged to create a happy environment for children through customized policies.

Through a press release on May 4th, he stated “We will provide customized welfare for the realization of a happy city for children, from education to transportation welfare and the nurturing of a playful environment.”

First of all, the ‘100 Korean won’ city bus system for children and adolescents is planned to be implemented in order to guarantee children and adolescents the right to move around easily and to alleviate the burden of transportation costs.

As many as 35,000 children and adolescents between the ages of 6 and 18 are targeted.

When the project is fully launched, it is expected to achieve the effect of killing three birds with one stone, such as by guaranteeing student mobility, improving welfare, and revitalizing public transportation.

Next, he aims to expand video-based English classes using native English teachers to 1,000 elementary and middle school students to reduce private education expenses and provide ‘untact’ education.

Classes are conducted through non-face-to-face video classes by English teachers in Korea and abroad, and it is expected that global lifelong education will be realized and regional competitiveness will be strengthened.

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Teaching English in Daegu

Teaching English in Daegu Expands to Local Airlines

Teaching English in Daegu is no longer being limited to language academies and typical university programs.

The Department of Global Aviation Services of Daegu Catholic University held the 2nd Blue Wings Uniform Ceremony on May 2nd at St. Jeronimo Hall on campus. At the event, 21 first-year students of the Department of Global Aviation Services were awarded a wing badge, which symbolizes the wings of an aircraft.

Park Boon-joo, head of the Global Aviation Service Department, said, “Through this wing award ceremony, let’s all work together toward our goal of becoming a flight attendant with a new mindset. We hope that this event of giving wings to our dreams will become an opportunity for all of us to be reborn. I will do my best to train great crew members with character and intelligence.”

Daegu Catholic University’s Department of Global Aviation Services was newly established in the academic year of 2021 and recruited a second round of freshmen this year. It currently organizes a faculty of field experts with the goal of cultivating high-quality aviation service experts with global language skills while also providing practical education. The faculty is also operating a foreign language specialized program conducted by a native-speaking professor.

The program is equipped with an aircraft model lab with the same environment as an actual aircraft passenger room and an image-making room for ticketing practice, and is conducting practical training through agreements with airlines such as Air Seoul, T’way, and Air Premia.

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English Teaching in Daegu

English Teaching in Daegu A Big Focus for Political Candidate

English teaching in Daegu will be a big part of the education platform proposed by local political hopeful, Choi Jae-hoon, who announces a ‘luxury childcare and education promise’ in his bid to oversee Dalseong-gun, a large district to the west and south of the city.

A candidate for the People’s Power party, Choi Jae-hoon announced a promise of luxury childcare and education, including the expansion of a 24-hour daycare center directly managed by Dalseong-gun to create a good environment to give birth to and raise children. For English education, he pledged to establish an ordinance for stronger specialization in English, promote an English education center, and employ native English teachers in Korea to visit remote schools to facilitate English education.

Also, in order to achieve luxury childcare for infants and young children, he plans an expansion of a 24-hour daycare center directly managed by Dalseong-gun, wider rental of children’s books and toys and more engaging education programs designed for teachers visiting remote schools, etc. The district will also be the first in Daegu City to implement a regionally linked ‘School Care Center Project’ to innovate a support system for excellent instructors and external instructors to grow into a ‘high-quality educational service’ that goes beyond simple care to providing practical help with academics.

Candidate Choi emphasized, “We will do everything we can to prevent the worries of parents in this era from falling into a vicious cycle in Dalseong-gun, and we will take the education of Dalseong to another level.”

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English teaching in Jeollanam-do

English Teaching in Jeollanam-do County Flourishes

English Teaching in Jeollanam-do county, Jangseong-gun, is being greatly expanded through educational support to foster future talents.

The Jangseong Association announced that it held its first board of directors meeting this year in the situation room on the second floor of the Jangseong-gun Office on April 29th.

At this board meeting, this year’s agenda included the Jangseong Association scholarship student selection plan, education expense support project plan change, basic property increase and related articles of incorporation amendment, revenue and appropriation budget change bill, review of last year’s Jang Growth Society business settlement plan, and the appointment of executives according to the expiration of the executive term.

According to a new resolution, this year, the Jangseong Association will select 180 scholarship students, 30 more than last year. The total scholarship was also decided to increase by 34.7 million won to 190.5 million won.

With a budget of 2.5 billion won for educational expenses, after-school learning, support for the hiring and operation of native English teachers in Korea and the construction of a creative convergence education center are underway.

The ‘overseas training support project’ for second graders in middle school, which was difficult to implement due to Coronavirus, will be changed to the ‘domestic history and culture tour project’ proposed by the Jangseong Educational Development Council, and extended support to the second and third graders of middle school.

The Jangseong Foreign Language Experience Center, which had been operating only on weekdays, decided to add a Saturday program for elementary school 5th and 6th graders to test it once a month, with the association planning to review additional support according to the level of response in the future.

An official from the Jangseong Association said, “Thanks to the interest and affection of the citizens, the Jangseong Association, which started with 160 million won, was able to grow to the scale it is today.”

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Teaching English in Jeju

English Teaching in Jeju at Jeju Foreign Language Learning Center

Programs facilitating English Teaching in Jeju continue to be rolled out throughout the province.

Jeju Foreign Language Learning Center recently announced that on April 27th, the 6th-grade students of Jeju Nam Elementary School had a real environment of experiential learning with a native speaker teacher in the 2022 school year.

The experiential learning consisted of participants’ prior education, cultural understanding education, and real model experiential learning.

In the cultural understanding education component, students had time to understand the cultural characteristics and historical facts of each country of focus, such as the United States, Canada, and South Africa. After that, the experience study room vividly reproduced environments such as airports, hospitals, currency exchange offices, department stores, restaurants, and grocery stores. Students had an opportunity to talk with native speakers using English expressions that can be used in real-world situations.

The students who participated in the experiential learning provided feedback like “I liked the experiential learning because it was real”, “The experiential learning with a native English teacher is so much fun and I want to come again”, “The experiential activity helped me learn English” and “I will continue to do this in the future.”

An official from the Jeju Foreign Language Learning Center said, “We plan to actively support this year’s real environment experiential learning to motivate students to learn English and increase their cultural sensitivity.”

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Teaching English in Chungbuk

Teaching English in Chungbuk Through Global Culture Class

Teaching English in Chungbuk Province of South Korea is being facilitated through the expansion of government programs.

Specifically, Chungcheongbuk-do International Education Center will conduct a “2022 Global Culture Class”.

The program is designed to help students systematically learn about international culture and to increase their sensitivity to culture as a global talent.

Participating students will visit the Chungbuk International Education Center for three days and learn various cultures from around the world in English from 10 am to 3 pm.

In small classes of 7 or less, taught by native speakers presently teaching English in Chungbuk, students participate in individual and group activities.

They create their own country, including food and clothing from various countries, and engage in currency-generating activities.

On the last day of class, group project activities are conducted based on the six cultural topics learned over the course of two days (food, costumes, heritage, music, country and currency generation).

Through project activities, students can digest and recreate various cultures as their own, share the results with others, and improve creativity and decision-making skills.

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Teaching English in Yeongcheon

English Teaching in Korea Programs Expanded in Yeongcheon

An English teaching in Korea program operated by native English teachers is going to be implemented in Yeongcheon, located just east of Daegu in the southern end of South Korea.

Seobu-dong in Yeongcheon City recently signed an MOU with the Yeongcheon Family Center on April 26th to operate an English class for local children in a small meeting room inside the Administrative Welfare Center.

This agreement was promoted to provide learning opportunities to low-income children in the region by establishing a public-private partnership system based on the local community and to bridge the relative educational gap between students.

“We will continue to work hard so that more welfare benefits can be returned to the local residents through the constant interest and cooperation of the local public and private sector,” said Kang Dae-hwal, director of the Yeongcheon Family Center, who gladly accepted this business agreement.

The English teaching in Korea program, which is scheduled to be conducted through the agreement, will be conducted once a week by a native English teacher until December for the lower grades of elementary school.

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English teachers in Korea

English Teachers in Korea Teaching Global History and Culture

English teachers in Korea are expanding the scope of what is being taught to Korean students. For instance, in Chungbuk Province, Chungbuk International Education Center has been operating ‘World Citizens Learning through History and Culture’ since April 26th.

The course aims to help students in the province grow into global citizens with international communication skills through classes with native-speaking teachers.

Students participate in various class activities of native-speaking teachers focusing on topics such as history, culture, and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

By communicating in English on topics such as poverty and quality education, global peace, gender equality and inequality reduction, terrestrial ecosystem protection, and global cooperation, students can naturally think about the meaning and role of being global citizens.

The 13th class will be operated in the first half of the year for students in Cheongju-eup/myeon area and Jincheon/Eumseong/Goesan/Jeungpyeong elementary/middle/high school until November 30th.

A total of 535 students from 12 schools, including 159 students from 5 elementary schools, 56 students from 3 middle schools, and 320 students from 4 high schools, will participate.

Elementary and middle school students go to the Center for two days, and high school students go for one day. Buses are provided to elementary and middle schools participating in the commute-to-school program, while high schools dispatch middle schoolers, and English teachers in Korea visit to conduct the program.

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Source: Chungcheong Ilbo (https://www.ccdailynews.com)

Teaching English in Andong

Andong Seobu Elementary School, visiting Andong English Village

During April, foreigners teaching English in Andong at Andong English Village visited 6th-grade students at Andong’s Seobu Elementary School to provide them with more natural English exposure.

The Andong English Village Visiting Class is a program operated to ‘provide specialized programs that contribute to nurturing global talents and bridging the educational gap and improving English communication skills’.

This visiting class will be conducted as a 17-hour program over three days, and all classes will be conducted in English. Over the three days, students will be able to meet their needs in a variety of situations, including scenarios involving music, Monopoly, library, cooking, restaurant, police station, art, coding, airplane, grocery store, court, auction, science fiction, travel, home, hospital, hairdresser, post office, etc.

A 6th-grade student said, “I think I will be able to learn English with a native English teacher for these threee days through activities that fit various situations, so my interest and confidence in English will increase.”

Principal Oh-Chu Kwon said, “It is unfortunate that students cannot directly go to Andong English Village due to COVID-19 and develop their English communication skills through good facilities and programs, but students can develop their interest in English and learn it through various English experiential learning activities with native English teachers in Korea for three days. I hope that the kids will develop their confidence and grow into global leaders.”

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Teaching English in Jinju

English Teaching in Jinju to Nurture Future Talents

English teachers in Korea’s southern reaches of the peninsula are being recruited for teaching English in Jinju.

The Jinju Future Talent Learning Support Center is launching unique learning programs, such as establishing the ‘English Science Class’ and ‘YouTube Creator’ courses to foster creative talents who will lead the prosperous future of Jinju and to satisfy the needs of parents for various educational services.

Jinju Future Talent Learning Support Center offers 27 programs in 6 fields including future talent nurturing, self-directed learning, foreign language learning, career advancement design, complex character education, and online classes to strengthen the capabilities of talented individuals who will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution.

The field of foreign language learning for nurturing global talents includes ‘English experience class’ for 6-7 year olds, ‘native English conversation’ for elementary and middle school students, ‘Basic English for toddlers’ with parents, and ‘English for parents’ by topic.

Together with 5 dedicated native speakers teaching English in Jinju, the center provides opportunities to speak English naturally and feel interested and familiar with the use of English.

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