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What not to say to an expat

What not to say to an Expat   I’ve been gone for a while, and I know you don’t get me, but please take note, every-expat-friend-and-family-member-ever: Here’s what not to say to an expat.   Before moving abroad   1. You’re going to Korea? No way! My cousin’s friend’s uncle’s niece is also teaching there. What a [...]


Returning home after being abroad

Returning home after being abroad Reverse culture shock, according to Investopia: “The shock suffered by some people when they return home after a number of years overseas. This can result in unexpected difficulty in readjusting to the culture and values of the home country, now that the previously familiar has become unfamiliar.” You find yourself [...]

Abandoned amuzement park

6 Amazingly Weird Places in Korea

Check out these 6 amazingly weird places in Korea Yes, we know about all the must-do’s in Korea.. But how about the weird, the different, the unusual places in Korea…? 1. Yongma-land abandoned amusement park Yongma-land closed down a while ago, and is situated near Mangu Station. Mr. Youn, the owner, charges an access fee of 5,000 [...]

big www letters

Useful Websites in Korea

Are you new to Korea? Have you been here for a few years? Either way, we’ve found these useful websites in Korea to be super helpful in planning nights out, weekends away, or exotic trips out of the country.  We hope this list will assist you as you create memories overseas! Social Movie showtimes in [...]

The bedroom

Accommodation in Korea

Accommodation in Korea A free apartment?! Say what?? You’re coming to Korea soon and you want to know where you are going to stay for the next year, right? Wouldn’t you want to know more about your accommodation in Korea? Sadly, you won’t get an address before you arrive. You also won’t see pictures or get a list [...]