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Useful Websites in Korea

Are you new to Korea? Have you been here for a few years? Either way, we’ve found these useful websites in Korea to be super helpful in planning nights out, weekends away, or exotic trips out of the country.  We hope this list will assist you as you create memories overseas! Social Movie showtimes in [...]

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Accommodation in Korea

A free apartment?! Say what?? You’re coming to Korea soon and you want to know where you are going to stay for the next year, right? Sadly, you won’t get an address before you arrive. You also won’t see pictures or get a list of what will be waiting for you – unless you’re in touch [...]

living costs in South Korea

Living Costs in South Korea

Living Costs in South Korea So you’re coming to Korea, and you’ll be earning around 2.0 – 2.1m KRW (average starting salary for a 1st year teacher). You’re probably wondering what your living costs in South Korea will look like, right? How much can you save? How much can you send home to pay off [...]


Learn to read Korean

Learn to read Korean Did you know that you could learn how to read in a short time? This picture has been created by Ryan Estrada – It’s famous for being a good way to learn to read Korean, in just 15 minutes… (Took some of us closer to an hour), but imagine spending 1 hour – and being [...]