Seoul nightlife

Seoul nightlife resumes as Covid rules wane

Safe distances have been gradually relaxed and, as of early April, major downtown areas of Seoul nightlife have been crowded with people coming out to enjoy the nightlife on a Friday night.

Around 8 pm that day, the streets of downtown Seoul, including Gangnam, Itaewon, and Hongdae, were revived to such an extent that it was difficult to find any signs of concern about the corona pandemic.

In front of a restaurant near Gangnam Station, three co-workers from the same company were chatting happily while waiting in a long line to enter the restaurant.

“I came here to have dinner and enjoy a bit of Seoul nightlife with my co-workers,” said a 27-year-old office worker, Park. She added, “Personally, I don’t really care about corona. It doesn’t seem likeSeoul nightlife a very serious disease.”

At the same time, the intersection in front of Itaewon Station in Yongsan-gu was also crowded. A woman in her late 20s who was waiting for a friend she hadn’t seen for a long time because of the coronavirus, said, “Actually, I think I’m just fed up worrying about the coronavirus. I’m just happy to see my friend after a long time.”

A foreigner in his 20s said, “Seoul nightlife is fun again, and I think it doesn’t make much of a difference to relax an hour or two more.”

Busking started again on the streets of Hongdae in Mapo-gu. It is the first time in 16 months, when the use of outdoor concert venues was banned to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Around 25 people surrounded a particular busking performance at 6:30 pm. It was a familiar scene that looked no different from ‘pre-corona’ days, upon seeing performers joking around and the audience taking videos.

Kim Tae-hoon, a university student who was watching busking performances with his friend, smiled, saying, “It was so nice to see buskers after over a year.”

Vocal trainer Lee Hee-won, who was performing, smiled broadly, saying, “During the last corona wave, I have tried to sustain myself by doing everything, such as taking on a part-time job at a pizza restaurant or doing deliveries.

As the weather improves, social distancing eases, and as more and more citizens enjoy partaking in Seoul nightlife and its popular districts, police reports are also on the rise.

A police officer belonging to a district unit in charge of an area where Seoul nightlife is concentrated said, “These days, public drinking has become so commonplace in these nightlife districts once again that the number of reports of public drunkenness continues to drop.”

English teachers in Korea

English Teachers in Korea See Funding Boost

English teachers in Korea and related internationalization concepts are set to receive a funding boost in Gangnam.

The Gangnam-gu government of Seoul announced on March 31st that it has secured KRW 31.2 billion in educational expenses subsidies for this year to nurture future talents with creativity and character.

The amount is an increase of 2 billion won compared to the previous year, the largest among the 25 autonomous districts in Seoul.

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Teaching English in Korea Continues to be a Funding Priority for Gangnam

Education expenses include △8.1 billion won for building smart classrooms in elementary, middle and high schools △ 4.3 billion won for improving old school environments △ 5.7 billion won for ‘supporting customized education programs and vitalization of public education’ such as support for native English teachers in Korea to work in middle schools and △13.1 billion won will be invested in providing free meals to kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools.

In particular, the district will increase the number of schools that can receive education related to the 4th industrial revolution, such as coding, robots, and drones, from 22 to 27 this year.

It is also planning to support artificial intelligence (AI) and metaverse education, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) equipment and educational contents.

In addition, following the establishment of digital studios in elementary, middle and high schools last year, this year, equipment and software for distance learning will be provided.

Gangnam-gu mayor Jeong Soon-gyun said, “We will invest generously in nurturing future talents who will lead the era of the 4th industrial revolution by securing a solid education budget worthy of the reputation of ‘Gangnam, the leading education district’.”

6 Amazingly Weird Places in Korea

Yes, we know about all the must-do’s in Korea.. But how about the weird, the different, the unusual places in Korea…?

1. Theme cafes in Korea:

There are so many different theme cafes in Korea such as cat cafes, dog cafes, a Photography cafe, a Charlie Brown Cafe, a Victoria Era cafe, a Puzzle Cafe, and even a Board game cafe. Which is your favorite?

2. Yongma-land abandoned amusement park

NGQhn2g8OsQ6dCg5PYQlVIymT9uleXD9yFNgsmd9kPevAI9zXicqRwjPEYkG7qGhIOH2kp9ACmEl4ncZ8TGWtrpwVUVPUtSKOxUujvWqbtF0h3EhP7PGRLAnc_s090mHEAYongma-land closed down a while ago, and is situated near Mangu Station. Mr. Youn, the owner, charges an access fee of 5,000 won per person.

Here’s an M/V music video, shot at this spooky amusement park!

3. Weird but awesome party hotels!

Would you like to stay in Korea’s ‘Santorini’? Or in an Egyptian-like palace? There’s something for everyone at these crazy-awesome party hotels!

4. Gonjiam psychaitric hospital

img_8693It is illegal to visit this sinister abandoned building but people go nevertheless. We recommend you don’t go but just read about it instead!

If you don’t heed our advice and somehow end up there, take bug spray!

5. Jindo sea parting

Once a year in Jindo, the seas mysteriously part and visitors can walk through the sea from the mainland to a nearby island. Biblical!

6. Gangnam Rooftop

Some of our teachers came across this palm sweat-inducing view, from the rooftop of the CGV building in Gangnam.

Head to our Facebook page and let us know about any other weird places in Korea that you have discovered!

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As spring approaches (or is basically already here!), we’re reminded of our love of Seoul and the entire country of Korea. When the sun shines and the air is warm, we just can’t help but feel so happy & excited for the change in weather. Winter (and ski season) is behind us and we’re looking forward to warmer hikes, city strolling, outside dining, Han River biking, picnics in parks, patio drinking, beach visits and sightseeing.

Here are a few shots from around Seoul to get you (and us) stoked for this season. We’d love for your to share your photos, as well – on our Facebook wall, Twitter feed or Pinterest page

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