China Town in Incheon

China Town in Incheon

China town IncheonLocated just west of Seoul, Incheon is the 3rd largest city in Korea with a population of 3 million people. Nestled right next to Incheon Station is the bustling, historic, lively center of China Town. It was founded in 1883, right around the time that Incheon Port opened. Trust us – it’s worth a day trip.

To get here, take the Seoul metropolitan subway to Incheon Station. The main entrance (Junghwamun Pailou gate, pictured above) is right across from the station’s only exit.

Jajangmyeon Museum, opened in April 2012, celebrates the birthplace of the delicious Korean dish, jajang-myeon.

Not a fan of Jajangmyeong? Don’t worry – options for other delicious dishes are easy to find!

Gonggalbbang: Hollow large crispy bread buns

Jajangmyeon: A noodle dish topped with a thick sauce made of chunjang, diced pork and vegetables, and sometimes also seafood

Tangsuyuk pork: Korean-ized version of sweet and sour pork or orange chicken

Onggibyeong: Baked dumpling

There are dozens of unique little shops – it’s a great place to find one-of-a-kind keepsakes to take home with you


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