Maple Bear in Korea

Maple Bear in Korea held English storytelling contest

Maple Bear in Korea takes teaching English to an exciting new level through the introduction of various events like a recent storytelling contest held in Seoul.

It is said that the younger you are, the more sensitive you are to learning languages, and a greater effect can be obtained than when your primary language is fixed. That is why many Koreans prefer English kindergartens and early English education.

However, any kind of English exposure is not enough. Creating an environment where you can have more fun can stimulate your child’s English growth properly.

Accordingly, Maple Bear Global Schools, a company specializing in English education, held the ‘2015 Maple Bear Storytelling Contest’ for students of Maple Bear in Korea on the 20th and it became a big topic.

The Maple Bear Storytelling Contest gives Maple Bear students an opportunity to practice speaking English in a more exciting and fun way, while having the opportunity to share their stories with courage in public, thereby motivating them to learn more in the future. This was a competition designed to inspire.

This competition was held with great success at Yongsan Art Hall, and the participants consisted of a total of 30 students of Maple Bear in Korea, ranging from 6 years old to 5th graders in elementary school.

In particular, the Maple Bear Storytelling Contest was held like a festival rather than just a ranking decision. In addition, it became a place to inspire a sense of achievement in elementary school students by applying a special system in which all students who made it to the finals were given an award.

Also, in this competition, a gorgeous laser performance reminiscent of ‘Iron Man’ was held, adding to the fun while making the children feel as if they were at a festival.

Maple Bear in Korea is part of the parent company, Maple Bear Global Schools, which is a children’s education institution headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. It is a global group with more than 200 campuses in 11 countries, including Singapore, the United States, Brazil, and the UAE. By introducing Canada’s public education, it provides an immersive education that naturally conveys mathematics, science, music, and art in English.

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