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Maple Bear in Korea

Maple Bear opens up Canadian public kindergartens in Korea

Teaching English in Korea is being innovated through the introduction of Canadian public education concepts. Maple Bear, an English education institution for preschool and elementary school students, has attained a certain amount of fame for learning English as naturally as their mother tongue without stress. The curriculum, designed based on Canadian public education, was developed […]

Maple Bear in Korea

Maple Bear in Korea held English storytelling contest

Maple Bear in Korea takes teaching English to an exciting new level through the introduction of various events like a recent storytelling contest held in Seoul. It is said that the younger you are, the more sensitive you are to learning languages, and a greater effect can be obtained than when your primary language is […]

What people from Busan think of Seoul

This is bound to get interesting. Whenever you compare to cities, you run the risk of stereotyping and oversimplification.  It’s complicated, we know. We asked a bunch of people living in Busan to give us their opinion of Seoul. Some people might have gone a little overboard, but you’ll get the idea… 1. I. CAN’T. BREATHE. Seoul is […]

8 Places to teach abroad

You are ready to leave your home country for a while, and your mind is starting to dream. The job market for Teaching abroad has exploded, and you need to decide about your next destination. This is how you can travel the world, save money and emerge in a different culture. Find below * places […]