English Teaching in Daegu

English Teaching in Daegu A Big Focus for Political Candidate

English teaching in Daegu will be a big part of the education platform proposed by local political hopeful, Choi Jae-hoon, who announces a ‘luxury childcare and education promise’ in his bid to oversee Dalseong-gun, a large district to the west and south of the city.

A candidate for the People’s Power party, Choi Jae-hoon announced a promise of luxury childcare and education, including the expansion of a 24-hour daycare center directly managed by Dalseong-gun to create a good environment to give birth to and raise children. For English education, he pledged to establish an ordinance for stronger specialization in English, promote an English education center, and employ native English teachers in Korea to visit remote schools to facilitate English education.

Also, in order to achieve luxury childcare for infants and young children, he plans an expansion of a 24-hour daycare center directly managed by Dalseong-gun, wider rental of children’s books and toys and more engaging education programs designed for teachers visiting remote schools, etc. The district will also be the first in Daegu City to implement a regionally linked ‘School Care Center Project’ to innovate a support system for excellent instructors and external instructors to grow into a ‘high-quality educational service’ that goes beyond simple care to providing practical help with academics.

Candidate Choi emphasized, “We will do everything we can to prevent the worries of parents in this era from falling into a vicious cycle in Dalseong-gun, and we will take the education of Dalseong to another level.”

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