Here it is, folks. Five reasons to uproot yourself and make the trek over to Asia.

If you’ve read any of my previous blogs, you know that living here isn’t always easy. But the good outweighs the bad 99.8% of time– and that’s a percentage I can deal with.

Reason To Go To Asia Number One:

It’s never boring. And it’s anything but ordinary.

Why go to asia
Photo by Anuj Madan

When you move to Korea as an English teacher, you won’t be working a typical nine-to-five job with a suit as a boss. You won’t be facing a cubicle wall with no one around to talk to. You won’t be sedentary in your work. Each day will provide it’s own challenges and obstacles, making it far from mundane. I wake up every morning not knowing what the day will be like. And if you’re extra lucky, luckier than I, you won’t have an early morning start. Making it all the more enticing, eh? Because really, you never outgrow wanting to sleep in.

Reason Number Two:

South Korea has something for everyone.

why go to asia hard rock cafe busan

Photo by Anuj Madan

The amazing thing about Korea is that it’s the home to so many unique and different people. American military, South African teachers, Korean-Americans studying at a University, foreign exchange students, French business men…..the list goes on.

If you’re someone who likes to wake up at the crack of dawn, throw on some hiking boots and hit the trails, Korea is the place for you.

If you prefer to sleep all day and stay out at the bars until 7Am, Korea is the place for you.

If you’re a foodie and want to spend your Saturdays at cozy cafes sipping delicate lattes or in a corner booth eating a Turkish kebab, Korea is the place for you.

There are bike trails, mountain hikes, museums, Karaoke rooms, shopping streets, raccoon cafes, dog cafes, sheep cafes, Hello Kitty cafes, breweries, palaces, thrift shops, water festivals, food festivals, fire festivals, lantern festivals, and more makeup stores than you can imagine. It’s a metropolis for anything and everything your heart can imagine.

Reason Number Three:

It’s very possible to save up a lot of money while teaching here… if you want.

South Korea can be a very cheap country to live in. Especially when your school is paying (most likely) for your flights to and fro and your apartment’s rent on top of the monthly salary they deposit into your bank account.

You won’t have the responsibility of a car, insurance, or gas. Food is relatively cheap. Alcohol can be as cheap as $2 for a bottle of Soju. Walking is free and public transport is affordable and efficient.

That being said, Korea can also be an expensive place if you’re spending weekends traveling or drinking. Or if you indulge in the amazing shopping around every corner.

So, yes, it’s 100% possible to save up money to pay off some bills or have a nice cushion for your post-Korea life. But if, and only if, you want to save up said money.

Reason Number Four:

The people.

why take the leap to asia: the people

I’ve encountered so much kindness since being in Korea. I was welcomed into my school with open arms. My co-workers have been amazing and helpful.

Strangers are willing to help you at the drop of a hat. People will strike up conversations with you on the subway. Most people will treat you like a local, even though you stick out like a sore thumb.

You’ll find your local coffee spot, where the barista knows your order by heart. The restaurants where they greet you with a giant wave. Your fellow gym-attendees who will smile at you on the street. You’ll be made to feel at home, even though you’re thousands of miles away.

And you’ll find yourself a close-knit group of friends, as well. A like-minded group of people with travel at the top of their priority list. People who want to explore and try new things and eat different foods. Friends who also get home-sick and complain about work with you, but get that living abroad is also the greatest gift in the world. Or maybe you’ll meet an amazing group of locals, who can teach you all about their culture. And teach you a new language.

Korea will provide you with the people you need to make it through what can be very difficult times. They’ll help you and encourage you and make you smile.

Reason Number Five:

You’ll really get to know yourself.

why go to asia; know yourself

Starting a new life in a country so different from America has taught me so much about myself. I’ve been thrown out of my comfort zone since my flight landed here. Each day I face new challenges.

I’ve learned to rely 100% on myself. I am the only one keeping tabs on how healthy I eat, how much money I save, and all the other responsibilities that come with being an adult and living abroad.

I have learned how valuable alone time is. And now indispensable it is to learn how to spend time with me, myself, and I. It’s so important to realize who you are as a person. And LOVE who you are. Korea has given me that.

I’ve learned that there’s something to be said for eating and traveling alone. My selfie stick has become my favorite travel companion.

I have learned that it’s possible to have fun by yourself.

I’ve learned how to cope in those inevitably stressful situations everyone faces when traveling or living in a foreign country. I’ve dealt with constant language barriers and inefficient maps. And I’ve survived.

Korea has given me confidence in who I am, what I want, and what things are truly important to me. And honestly, what better reason to go to asia and start a life in South Korea do you need?

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