Adventure Teaching - Life in South Korea

From cozy traditional tea shops to delicious Turkish cuisine, South Korea serves up a world of delicacies to fit any appetite; you can eat your way through Asia, the Middle East and Europe often all within walking distance! From stunning views from the top of some of Korea’s mountainous landscapes to the encompassing sea shores, South Korea has much more to offer than the buzz of the city.

Whether you enjoy quiet nights at home or exploring the city until the sunrises, South Korea has a multitude of options for every lifestyle preference. Living and teaching in South Korea is a life changing experience. South Korea is a melting pot full of people from all over the world who have brought with them their perspectives, trends, menus and entertainment. Not only can you get lost within the ancient ruins of South Korean history or in the amenities of Korea’s budding urban lifestyle but can explore so many more aspects of life than you ever thought possible.

Adventure Teaching - Han River

Within a few mile radius you can find yourself in the heart of a rural village, lost along the Han River or at the base of the tallest building in South Korea. No place in South Korea is too close or far away to keep you from experiencing everything this diverse country has to offer.

Being abroad not only puts you in an unfamiliar world but on common ground with a lot of people you would otherwise never interact with. In our opinion and many of the teachers we talk to, this is one of the most valuable and memorable aspects of living in Korea. The people you meet, interact and spend time with on a regular basis will probably be very different than the vast majority of the people you have relationships with at home. There is a sense of camaraderie between foreigners in Korea that is unlike any other environment you’ll experience. Though at home you may not have anything in common, living abroad in a world that is clearly not your own gives expats a sense of shared experience and belonging and thus, brings together some of the most eclectic and unique communities of people. Making memories and sharing all the uncomfortable and comedic adventures with others is what makes living abroad such an exceptional experience.

Not only will other foreigners make this experience unforgettable but the Koreans you interact with and build relationships with will too. Korean culture and the ways in which it is incorporated into your daily life make this experience just that much more unique. Korea has established itself as a major global player, with the 15th largest GNP in the world. Though they are typically very concerned with the well being of their country, they are becoming more and more foreigner friendly and accepting. As they develop and progress as a country and as a people, their loyal and generous qualities are becoming great assets in bridging the gaps between them and the visiting population. Koreans are determined to progress and improve their culture and nation in every possible respect which makes them very interested and curious about Westerners living in their country. We encourage all of our teachers to build relationships with a Korean person or family. Getting to know them on a personal basis will give you more insight into their culture, beliefs and way of life, not to mention add to the richness of your experience.

Outside of the adventure, relationships and unique experiences, living and teaching in Korea is a practical, money making alternative to the average work opportunity. With the exception of your utilities, your cost of living is paid for, as are your flights to and from Korea at the beginning and end of your contract. Transportation is convenient and inexpensive without the expenses of a vehicle. Health insurance, as well as communication costs, are very affordable. The costs of everyday goods are similar to those in North America and a variety entertainment is readily available for a fraction of the price you would find it at home. Don’t get us wrong, many teachers choose to live pay check to pay check; but depending on your lifestyle, fewer expenses allow teachers to maximize their savings and pay off debt. It’s a financially beneficial opportunity in the truest sense, not to mention the myriad professional and personal opportunities that await you at every turn.

If you aren’t already intrigued by what to expect from life in Korea or are curious to learn more, be sure to read up on the other links in this section (see sidebar on top left). We are confident that life in Korea is a memorable and positive one.