Adventure Teaching - Health Care in South Korea

Knowing how the health care and medical insurance system in South Korea works is incredibly important to know. Understanding how it works and where to find doctors, clinics and hospitals is equally important.

Basic health care and medical insurance is provided by your employer. In most cases you and your employer will split the cost of monthly insurance payments, 50% each. You can expect to pay between 1.8 – 2.4% of your salary for basic health care. It is important to address health care coverage with your employer early on, and insure that it is a part of your contract before you sign it. Your employer should be able to give you a copy of your insurance plan to look over before you sign your contract.

There are many doctors, clinics, walk-in hospitals and large hospitals in Seoul and its surrounding areas. Finding a doctor who speaks English well and can understand your needs might be difficult. Our recommendation? Have a Korean friend or co-teacher join you for interpretation, or have your employer call the doctor ahead of your appointment if no one can go with you.

Seoul International Clinic is located in Itaewan and has great service and confident English speaking doctors, but the international hospital in Jamsil (south-central Seoul) is our favorite.