Our goal is simple: To make sure you are prepared for your transition.

Below you will find downloadable links to AT’s China Info Packs. They’ve been written by past teachers with you in mind, so don’t skip over them! They hold valuable information that will help you prepare for your journey to Asia.

Info Pack #1: Meet the Team

Because we already have so much in common, we know that we’re going to have a positive professional relationship with you. We are all avid travelers, passionate about different cultures, excited about the opportunity to work abroad. This info pack will tell you a bit more about the team at Adventure Teaching.

Info Pack #2: Hurry Up and Wait

This is the current reality of the English teaching industry in China. Westerners often find this “hurry up and wait” process especially frustrating. This info pack will give you an honest portrait of what to expect while pursuing employment opportunities in China.

Info Pack #3: Teacher Training

Are you ready to face a couple dozen classes of 15 to 40 kids and teach them English? Are you ready to motivate and inspire children to learn your language without knowing a word of theirs? Are you prepared for classroom management techniques? This info pack will explain the benefits of pursuing a TEFL Certification.

Info Pack #4: Financial Preparations

This info pack is full of helpful tips associated with getting paid, how much money to bring with you to China, a guideline to expenses you can expect after arrival and other important details associated with your finances in China.

Info Pack #5: Chinese Etiquette

Take a bow. Use two hands. Don’t stick your chopsticks in your rice bowl. Don’t point. This info pack will give you tips on what to do, and what not to do!

Info Pack #6: Culture Shock

Sooner or later, it hits everyone – the realization that you’ve just moved (probably alone) to a wacky country for a full year. Read this info pack for tips on how to endure culture shock during your first few months in China.