Sinsa dong

Sinsa dong

Need a little break from Korean culture? Go to Paris!

Paris in Korea, that is. Pull out your beret, brush up on your French, and head to Garosu-gil street in Sinsa dong.

Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself – nobody there speaks French and the bakeries aren’t filled with baguettes, but this lovely little street definitely takes you out of Korea and leaves you with the lingering feeling that you could just as well be walking through a city in Europe.

We spent the afternoon strolling up and down Garosu-gil (which literally means “tree-lined street”) in Sinsa-Dong last weekend. Although it’s only about a kilometer long, it feels like a touch of Europe in Korea, and is filled with European-style cafes, pubs, and restaurants. We ate a delicious lunch at Casa Bonita, a little Italian restaurant that veers off of the main street, but there were so many quaint, inviting restaurants and cafes to choose from, we wanted to to try them all. And there are endless coffee shops – mega coffee shops in Japanese style, European looking coffee shops with beautiful verandas, bohemian coffee shops where you can relax for the afternoon with a good book – rest assured that you will find a coffee shop that suites your needs!

Sinsa dong is also a haven for shoppers. There are boutiques selling clothing, jewelry, bags, and accessories of all kinds, as well as a few very cool vintage shops. And if you want to browse for arts and crafts, this little street is filled with trendy art and stationary stores.  Things are a bit on the pricier side at a lot of the shops, but the quality is good and the style is unique.


This hip little street is also a hot-spot for a chilled night on the town. It’s definitely a great place to get a nice dinner and some good drinks (perfect first date destination), and there are a few joints that have live music. There’s a jazz club called “Crazy Horse” with the smallest entrance door I’ve ever seen! It’s worth checking out just to go through the door!

All in all, Garosu-gil street in Sinsa-Dong is a great spot to hit up if you’re looking to take a time-out from Korea and soak up some European culture – and it’s a lot cheaper than a flight to Paris!

  • How To Get There: Garosu-gil street in Sinsa-Dong is an 800m walk (about 15 minutes) from Exit #8, Sinsa Station, Subway Line 3. When you reach the tallest building on the street (you’ll know what it is because it’s much taller than all the rest!) turn left and you’ll be on Garosu-gil street! If you’re taking a cab, make sure to indicate to the driver that it is Sinsa-Dong in Gangnam-gu, since there are a few different places called Sinsa-Dong in Seoul!
  • Contact Info: For more information on Sinsa-Dong, click here.

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