Seoul vs Busan: 6 things Seoulites think when they go to Busan

What do Seoulites think when they go to Busan? This is the Seoul vs Busan showdown!

Busan is often called the “Summer Capital of South Korea” and as the city’s slogan goes, it is a vibrant and dynamic city. Some might say that this city has it all…but what do Seoulites really make of it when they go to Busan?


Streets in Busan

1. They don’t understand me…

The minority of people here speak basic English. Seoul is slightly more international and has more people that speak English. Here in Busan, you will also be less likely to understand signs around the city.

2. Can I make this go any faster?

Life is slower in Busan, whereas Seoul has developed into a busy city with massive developments over the years.

3. Okay, I’ve seen it all. Now what?

Sure, there are things to do like hiking, shopping, visiting Spa Land, Yonggungsa Temple and going to the Busan International Film Festival, but there is perhaps much more choice in Seoul when it comes to activities.


Beach in Busan

4. Did winter skip this part of Korea??

With four distinct seasons, the weather is milder, and it’s not nearly as cold in the winter. It also has a cooler version of a humid subtropical climate in the summer.

5. So this is how it feels to spread my arms out

It’s not nearly as crowded or busy in Busan, whether it is on the subway, in the streets or in shopping districts. If you are agoraphobic, you should probably move to Busan, rather than Seoul.

6. I can breathe…

Comapred to Seoul, Busan is a breath of fresh air. It has been given”good” Air Quality rating by AQICN. The natural environment of Busan is a perfect example of harmony between the mountains, the rivers and the sea.

Of course, there are two sides to every story…don’t miss our article about what people from Busan think of Seoul!




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