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We love placing English teachers in China & Korea and we believe we’re great at it. Don’t take our word for it, check out reviews from past teachers.

And they’re not just pumping our tires – we’re great at what we do because we have spent thousands of hours perfecting our model to ensure that your transition to live and work overseas is a positive one.

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by Robyn Horn on Adventure Teaching
Super Happy With My Placement!

I am really happy with everything that AT has been able to help me find. The job I accepted was a perfect fit and I'm very happy with all of AT's hard work to make this possible.

by Eyren Jane Wolfe-Coote on Adventure Teaching
Communication is Fast, Thorough and Reliable!

Hi. So first off, AT is amazing at what they do. Communication is fast, thorough and reliable! They made taking an awfully big and scary step seem that much less daunting and my family and I will be forever grateful. I think the only minor criticism I could possibly make (and I'm really nitpicking here) is that some of the information in the info packs is slightly outdated and could really be improved.

Thanks so much for the feedback, Eyren! We are actually in the process of updating these documents as we speak! Great input :)
Hope you are enjoying your placement, Eyren, and it was great working with you!

by Amanda Webster on Adventure Teaching
There when you need them

Choosing to teach in Korea has been one of the best decisions in my life. I could not have made it happen without Adventure Teaching. They were there to help with the negotiations and paperwork necessary to get it done. I am so glad I came, but that being said, it would not be for everyone. Korea is a very easy place to live and work, but if you like your routines and are stuck on the comforts of home it would not be for you. You must be willing to think outside the box and find your own way. Koreans are very gentle and kind, but they are not your Mother. If you have an independent nature and a compassionate heart it is an adventure I highly recommend. The Adventure Teaching team will be great help in getting through the necessary details. You can count on them every step of the way.

by Jeffrey Segovia on Adventure Teaching
Honest From The Beginning!

The AT team is the best team! They made this long process seem easy and was connected every step of the way! They give you great advice and are honest from the beginning!:)

by Caroline Williams on Adventure Teaching
Always Available to Answer Questions!

I have loved every minute of working with AT! I specifically chose to live abroad in Korea so I could work with Adventure Teaching. I love that you guided me each step of the way. If I ever had a question, Robyn or another staff member was more than willing to help me, no matter how small or redundant my questions got! My only negative comment, which is not even that negative, is that I wish AT had a way to set me up with other American teachers in my area. Making friends over here is incredibly hard, and I would love if AT could create some sort of easier networking!

Great feedback, Caroline! We are actually brainstorming that option for our teachers as we speak. We have been connecting teachers heading to the same school, but we are really desiring to help our teachers connect better with other teachers in their area as well. Thanks again for that feedback!

by Alicia morales on Adventure Teaching
They've all been there before!

Adventure Teaching was great for the entire process! All my questions were answered in a timely manner and everyone was very personable and friendly, they have all done it before which made me feel that I was in good hands.

by Nicolette Stewart on Adventure Teaching
I thought moving abroad was supposed to be stressful? :)

The Adventure Teaching team has been a massive support and a constant path-smoother through various little niggles and bumps! A few years ago I went to teach in Taiwan through another agency - the stress levels I experienced during that process taught me to brace myself for more of the same this time around... I now find myself in South Korea, at a really nice school with super co-teachers, and I'm left wondering where the stress was supposed to start... Thank you to the AT team, you folks are doing a wonderful job!

by Sarah Godlewski on Adventure Teaching
Always Available and Ready to Answer Questions!

Adventure Teaching was so helpful through every step of this process. Everyone I encountered along the way was always available and ready to answer any of my questions. They made what could have been a confusing process very simple and straightforward. Thank you!

So great to hear that we could clear up some of the confusion that comes with moving your life overseas! We are all super excited for this year for you, Sarah!

by Emma Cunningham on Adventure Teaching
Super Honest and Helpful!

Robyn was very friendly, super honest and helpful. I am so happy I chose AT over any other recruiting company and truly think my time here in Korea will be fabulous.

So great to hear that we could be helpful, Emma! We also hope that this year will be an amazing one for you!

by Darcy C. on Adventure Teaching
Thorough & Supportive

My experience with AT was great! AT was thorough in providing step-by-step information throughout the whole process. I rarely had questions and when I did, my placement coordinator was always there to help me out. After just a few short months, I was successfully placed with a great school in South Korea & I'm now living out my dreams thanks to AT!

So great to hear that you are enjoying your time abroad, Darcy! Super pumped that we were able to help get you there:)

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