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What people from Busan think of Seoul

This is bound to get interesting. Whenever you compare to cities, you run the risk of stereotyping and oversimplification.  It’s complicated, we know. We asked a bunch of people living in Busan to give us their opinion of Seoul. Some people might have gone a little overboard, but you’ll get the idea… 1. I. CAN’T. BREATHE. Seoul is […]


8 Places to teach abroad

8 Places to teach abroad: A brief overview You are ready to leave your home country for a while, and your mind is starting to dream. The job market for Teaching abroad has exploded, and you need to decide about your next destination. This is how you can travel the world, save money and emerge in […]


Ways to save in Korea

10 tricks to lower your cost of living / ways to save in Korea   http://blog.aclipse.net/teach-in-Korea/bid/102620/Saving-Money-in-Korea-12-000-a-Year-is-Manageable     Have you heard of people who have saved around $1000 per month, teaching in Korea? Sounds ridiculous right? They must be the ones spending all their time, sulking in their apartments and not ever eat an Ice […]

Travel aboad in your 20s

Reasons you should live abroad in your 20s

Reasons you should live abroad in your 20s –          What do you have to lose? No house / husband / children (nothing to hold u back) –          Brain is take in new information – Learn a foreign language / make new type of food(Gain skill) –          Body is active (Metabolism won’t get any faster), adventurous […]


5 Types of people who move abroad

5 Types of people who move abroad Over the years, we’ve seen a lot of expats moving to South Korea and China, and by working with them, amongst others teachers, co-workers, acquaintances and friends, we’ve boiled it down to 5 types of people who generally move abroad.   1.The Culture Freak / The Wanna-bee Kpop, hangul, Korean movies and slang… He’ll […]

Most Populr

Most Popular posts of 2014

The Most Popular posts of 2014: It’s always hard to predict what the reader wants to know. These posts hit a common nerve and you were interested in reading this. Here are the Top 10 most popular posts of 2014 (so far), and we don’t plan to stop posting more of these any time soon… Did you […]